I need help.

So, every year my middle school has a play, and Mr. Adams (director) said I could put together a PIT ORCHESTRA!!!!!!!!!! ('cause i played piano for this year's play.) I have about five months to get ready for this. But i need help with instrumentation. it needs to be 25 or under people. what should i do???

5 years ago

Favorite Instrument?

Thought I'd start a topic.

I play the clarinet, but my favorite instrument is actually the cello. I think it's the most beautiful instrument, hands down.

As for the BEST, it depends what you're looking for. The clarinet is flexible, large-ranged, and multiple timbre-'d. However, if you want power or a uniform sound across ranges, then it isn't the best. That's where you turn to brass or strings, respectively.

5 years ago