Need Help With Music.

I am doing a Band arrangement of super smash bros. brawls rendition of Underworld from Kid Icarus. i am a complete amateur with writing original sheet music. i need help with the percussion sections and with tidying up the notes. 
if you are as so kind as to help out and i keep the change i will include your username in the description of the score and on the title page
The Music is here:

                                                                                                 -  Thank You For Your Time 

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a month ago

Hmmm... What should I arrange today? (Something Jungly)

Let's see how many people can guess what I'm arranging based on that reference... this'll be a fun game. The first to guess get's a shout-out in the description and the score itself for making it public.
HINT #1: The whole title of the Discussion is a reference...
HINT #2: It is from a game

Incorrect Guesses:
-Jungle Japes
-Jungle Book
-Donkey Kong
-Swinging Safari
-Welcome To The Jungle
-Jungle Joyride

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2 years ago



So Ive been playing alot of games and Ive had the idea to do a Mario themed show, fit for Drum Corps International!

Here is the playlist for the selections of music!

Introduction/ Movement 1:
Super Mario Galaxy Theme - Super Mario Galaxy
Sammer's Kingdom - Super Paper Mario

Movement 2:
A Powerful Enemy Emerges - Super Paper Mario
King Croacus (Battle) - Super Paper Mario

Overthere Shrine - Super Paper Mario
Luma - Super Mario Galaxy

Movement 4:
Ultimate Show - Super Paper Mario
Mimi (Battle of World 2) - Super Paper Mario
Floro Sapian Caverns - Super Paper Mario

Main Theme - Super Mario Bros. Arcade Game (NES)
Overthere Shrine (reprise)
Super Mario Galaxy Theme (reprise)

If you have any thoughts before I start, feel free to give a shout!
If you want to assist, send me a message!

Thanks for reading.

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a year ago

I'm gonna do some Sonic music...

So, I plan to do 1 of these 4 songs from each of the main core Sonic games from the GameCube/PS2/XBOX/Dreamcast era. I'm going to put up a straw poll and you guys vote on there which song you want me to arrange.

Here is the Straw Poll:

Here are the choices in order of the respective games:

Sonic Adventure: "Azure Blue World" (Emerald Coast)
Sonic Adventure 2: "Won't Stop, Just Go!" (Green Forest)
Sonic Heroes: "Seaside Hill"
Shadow the Hedgehog: "Sky Troops"

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2 years ago


"MuseSquids" is the name of the group.

This group is specifically for people who have Splatoon and want to make friends with everyone else on this site that likes Splatoon. There are specific discussion threads for sharing your NNID's and 3DS friend codes to make friends with other players and for setting up games such as Private Battles and Squad Battle. There is also a Discord Channel for anyone who would like to voice/text chat while playing the game. Please read the group description, as it explains in more detail.

If you are a Splatoon addict/fan, then feel free to join.

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2 years ago

So... Much... Zelda Music...

Has anyone else noticed that this site was overflowing with Legend of Zelda music? This came to my attention when I published my own LOZ melody (in the sea of them) called Link and Zelda. But then I thought that that’s my 3rd LOZ piece, not including my video game epic melody’s Zelda part. But when is too much Zelda too much Zelda, if that’s even possible?

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7 years ago


Tomorrow, I will be streaming on to finish the Merry Christmas Nintendo Medley! Join me in my quest to create a masterpiece, and even assist me in the chat if I hit a mental/writer's/composer's block and watch the magic happen... lol

But, yeah follow my twitch channel before 12:00pm Central to watch me finish this thing. I will go as long as it takes or as long as twitch or Xsplit or just my computer can handle. I look forward to seeing you guys there. Let me know if you guys are going to join and if you would like me to do these in the future.

I will make this stream a YouTube video for those of you who would like to watch, but can't because of some reason. It will be another Speed-Composition video, like I did with the Touhou music ( I'll just "x8" the archived stream and upload it. If the stream doesn't take too long, the video may only be from 15-30 minutes long, If the stream takes a lot longer than I want, then I might need to "x16" or "x20" it to make it short enough, but anyway...

__Hope to see you guys there
_____Mott L. Scurry

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3 years ago

Copyright take down help please

The transcription/arrangement I did of first part of the Legend of Zelda Symphony just got taken down for apparent copyright infringement.
What should I do, and for those who have a better understanding of copyright law, can you help me with this. Personally I think it was an invalid claim, but it might not be.

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3 years ago

Custom Pokemon Soundtrack Contest! Read the rules please!

I've started a
That's right, create your own main-series Pokemon themes. That means at least the following:
-Title theme
-3 town/city themes
-3 route themes
-Wild Pokemon Battle
-Trainer Battle
-Gym Leader Battle
It's legal as long as:
-Contains at least a treble clef and a bass clef
-Parts are clearly defined and separated (double barlines/text at top of page/timings in description)

Wild Pokemon Battle guide is here:

Optional stuff:
-Preferably have percussion.
-If you used a different soundfont than the default to make the piece, link it in the description or create a videoscore.
-Loop once and fade out at end of each part (if you can't do this, just create an alternate ending or something).
-Separating parts and uploading to external website for easy downloading (in case one of your themes are so good that someone HAS to get it without opening up MS and cutting and pasting and all that)
-Bonus for 10 or more instruments! (what bonus, I don't know)
-Bonus also to amazingly clever or awesome themes. People will know it when they hear it.
-Bonus to those who do more than the required.
-Letting people know of your processes in creating the score.
-Making up town names.
-Pokemon Center
-Rival's Theme
-Rival Battle (for rival music be sure to give personality)
-Elite Four Battle
-Enemy Team Battle
-Antagonist(s) Battle
-Champion Battle
-Legendary Pokemon Battle
-SPECIFIC Legendary Battles?
-Surf Theme
-Bike Theme
-Dive Theme?
DEADLINE: June 4, 2016. Scoring period will last a week and end on January 30. Results should be announced by February 7.
IMPORTANT: To submit, simply reply the URL to the listings post. I'll make the list at Pokegeeks ( of the pieces people submit.
The winners are chosen based on their score's favorite:views ratio.

Think of yourself playing a new Pokemon game. What music do you think you would hear at each location? If you were to make that game, what kind of personality or theme would the game have? Once you plan exactly whatever style you want, and create a melody, all you have to do is let yourself go. Or at least that works with me.

Spread the word and discuss! Let me know if I forgot anything. ^_^

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3 years ago

Who do you think will be the next Smash DLC Character?

(non-music related)
The Smash Bros. Fighter Ballot has been closed, and the whole community is wondering who the next character will be. I want to see what you guys think and who you want in the game. As far as what we know, we have had 4 characters as DLC added already: Mewtwo from Pokemon, Lucas from Mother 3, Roy from Fire Emblem, and Ryu from Street Fighter. Considering that we have some the greatest names in gaming, like Mario, Zelda, Sonic, Mega Man, Pac-Man, and even Ryu in one game, there seems to be no limit to the degree of fan service we might see in this game in the near future. We already have an Inkling *get it* of who people want in the game, but we don't know for sure. That's why I'm setting up a straw poll of the top ten characters that seem like the most popular choices and have a vote, just to see what you guys think about who should be in the game.

I don't know about you guys, but I'm excited to see what Nintendo is going to reveal on the 14th of October in their Nintendo Direct. THAT'S 1 WEEK FROM NOW. With Splatoon 3.0 and The Smash Ballot's completion on the way, who knows what we might see come into both games. Honestly, it could be nothing, so I don't want to overhype anyone, but at the same time, it could be something "Smashing". Anyway, I'll leave a link to the Straw Poll below.

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3 years ago

New Tournament in Mario Kart 8 if anyone's interested!

I'm hosting a new Mario kart 8 tournament called "HEROES vs VILLAINS".(no neutral)
These are the tournament codes:
-7632-8974-4464 (no DLC pack required)
-7915-3943-6330 (DLC pack 1 required)
-3636-9578-2346 (DLC pack 2 required)
-7944-0229-7012 (both DLC packs required)
(both DLC packs required)
It's pretty self explanatory. Choose which side you will race on, the heroes or the villains. Whatever side you choose, you must choose a character that falls into the same category as your side.
If you chose "HEROES", here is a list of 29 characters (including colorations) you can use:
(13 Different characters counting Mii and not counting colorations and alternate forms)
-Baby Daisy
-Baby Luigi
-Baby Mario
-Baby Peach
-Baby Rosalina
-Black Yoshi
-Blue Yoshi
-Cat Peach
-Female Villager
-Green Yoshi
-Light Blue Yoshi
-Male Villager
-Metal Mario
-Orange Yoshi
-Pink Gold Peach
-Pink Yoshi
-Red Yoshi
-Tanooki Mario
-White Yoshi
-Yellow Yoshi
If you chose "VILLAINS", here is a list of 22 characters (including colorations) you can use:
(14 Different Characters counting Mii and not counting colorations and alternate forms)
-Black Shy Guy
-Blue Shy Guy
-Donkey Kong
-Dry Bowser
-Green Shy Guy
-Koopa Troopa
-Light Blue Shy Guy
-Pink Shy Guy
-Red Shy Guy
-White Shy Guy
-Yellow Shy Guy

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3 years ago

Another Pokemon Battle Theme Medley by Yours Truly

I've realized how popular my Medleys are, especially the Pokemon Battle Theme Medleys I made. I'm in the process of finding themes to put into my "Pokemon Battle Medley Volume III". Unfortunately, I'm having trouble choosing which themes to put in (I'm trying to put in at least ten), so I thought I'd let you decide. All I need is suggestions of any Battle themes from any of the Pokemon Games. Please give at least 5 suggestions of any Battle themes. I would like to see suggestions from every generation and region.

Take note that it will be in concert band format. NO strings, sorry. Also if you would, state suggestions from the most modernised version of each region, basically pay the GameBoy Color, because the games afterward all have more of a concert band sound. You don't have to, though.

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3 years ago

What Overworld Theme Should I do Next? YOU DECIDE...

As you guys might know, I take a liking in arranging the overworld music for pokemon games. I can't decide which one I should do of these six themes. These are all some of Pokémon's most memorable music and it's hard to pick one, so please vote for your favorite!

-Pokémon Kanto - Cerulean City
-Pokémon Johto - Violet City
-Pokémon Hoenn - Victory Road
-Pokémon Sinnoh - Route 210
-Pokémon Unova - Driftveil City
-Pokémon Kalos - Route 15

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3 years ago

Any good organ arrangers?

I was wondering if anyone here would possibly be interested in arranging the song A toccata into blood soaked darkness from Castlevania Curse of Darkness. Its an amazing piece, and I would love to see it on musescore

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4 years ago

Suspended Cymbal Rolls

With the help of impinball, I figured out how to make suspended cymbal rolls play back. You preferabbly want a percussion staff specifically designated for the suspended cymbal. First, you make sixteenth note triples (assuming your tempo is around 140 bpm or so) for the whole duration of your roll. You then press l to give you the dynamics palette, which comes with some extra dynamiacs. You then assign pppppp to the first note of the roll and gradually increase dynamics by either applying dynamics from the palette or using the velocity tool when you right click on a note. To make the triples invisible, you use the shift selection tool to select all the triplets, right click them, and then click set invisible. This makes the triples invisible when they are posted online. Repeat this process for the dynamics if you used the actual dynamic symbols to change the volume. You then enter the note that represents the duration of the roll in voice 2 and add a tremelo. Upon doing this, you can use the less stretch tool to shrink the measure so the measure is not extremely long due to the extensivve triplets. Now you have a suspended cymbal roll that crescendos!

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7 years ago

New Mario Project

i need to make a mario medley for a marching band that combines the themes from a few mario games that DON'T include 1, 2, or galaxy. They have to be songs that sound good when played back to back. Any suggestions?

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6 years ago

Job Offer

Bailey Music Arrangements is looking for music arrangers.
Now Hiring
We are looking for people with strong knowledge of music theory to help arrange songs. Please fill out the form on the website and we will contact you to further the application process. Please note this is a part time job with a non-guaranteed pay.

Job Requirements
Age 16+
Passion for music
A music notation program such as Finale or Musescore
Have previously arranged at least two songs
A valid email adress
You will recive 10% of proceeds from every song you arrange

apply here:

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6 years ago

Improvements for

I think that should implement new features. How about you guys? Here are some things that should be implemented;
1) A feature that tells you how many favorites your score has.
2) A feature that tells you how many people have viewed this score, like the views feature of Youtube.

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7 years ago

New Song

Hey I'm new here and I'm creating a song. It starts with Legend of Zelda theme song and I'm trying to find a theme and song that compliments it. Ideas?

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6 years ago