Wait What?!

I can't believe it! I'm about to hit 50 followers (only need 7 more)! I know that it isn't mush, but it is something right? Tell if you would like to see an original composition, or an arrangement of a song you like. I'm going to take probably 3-5 ideas so choose wisely as I'm putting this discussion in all the groups I'm in.

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a year ago

Video software

A question was raised about inexpensive software or free. I use Serif Movie plus X3 I paid about $20 for it. A newer version X6 is on Amazon for 29.99. I think also You tube offers some free edition software but I have not tried to use it. Maybe someone else has? and can tell us how it works.

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3 years ago

Tip for the ones using Arachno Soundfont on YouTube.

If you uploaded a video that it's sound was generated using Arachno Soundfont, state it in video's description. I did that and somehow the guy who owns the sounfont found my video and added it to a list "Made With Arachno SoundFont". He also subscribed to my channel to watch for any future songs. I don't know how much it can boost your song, but it won't hurt.
Here's the link to his channel:

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2 years ago

How to use different soundfonts

I am starting this discussion because I see from time to time, people who get confused about what soundfonts are, how to load and use them and their limitations. Yet, they are so important when making a Video Score.

First, let me say that I am writing from my experience and I may not have everything correct, and trust that others will add to this discussion and I will edit as I see fit... So here goes.

For beginners: a soundfont file is a file that tells Musescore How to play back your music. Each instrument has a place in the file and the program uses the parameters within the file to make the sounds of the instruments.

You can point Musescore to a different instrument in the list and make your violin sound like a piano. You can do this with the mixer (select [View][Mixer] from the menu) You will see an area for each instrument call "sound". If you click on this, you will get a list of instruments. By selecting a different instrument you are pointing Musescore to a different location within the soundfont file and the instrument will sound different.

A little note... You can also use Staff properties, (Right click staff and select a different [Instrument]), to change the pointer part way through a song. You can make your violin sound like a piano for three bars, then change it back.

Anyway... I think you get the idea. You select a soundfont and point Musescore to the location within the file where your instrument should be.

Selecting and loading a soundfont.
If you look at the bottom of this page, you will see "Forum" If you click on that and search you will see many discussions on soundfonts and if you take the time you will discover many links to loadable, compatible soundfonts. You need to download one to change from Musescores' default soundfont. FluidR3Mono_GMSf3.

Save your file before you select a new soundfont. The reason is simple. You are saving the file as it would be uploaded to Musescore. This allows you to edit it for dynamics for uploading to Musescore. These may be different than what you would use with the new soundfont.

Okay, so you've downloaded it, you have to install it in Musescore.

The Musescore Handbook is pretty good describing this, search for "soundfont" and read the part about Installing a soundfont. It usually is just a simple as a double click on an uncompressed file. A dialogue opens and you can install it.

Now you have it installed you have to set up Musescore to use this file. You need to open the synthesizer from the menu [View][Synthesizer].

Click on add and available soundfonts are listed. Select the new soundfont you want and double click it. You will now see it in the list of soundfonts within the synthesizer. It should be the top soundfont, and if it is not click [Up] until it is at the top of the list. This is now the soundfont Musescore will use for playback.

WAIT... it's not that easy. You must now open the mixer and point Musescore to the location, (within the new soundfont), to where the instruments are. Check the [Sound] and make sure it matches the [Instrument]. Yes if you have 32 instruments, you must check each one. In some cases, you might find a particular instrument is NOT available in the new soundfont. You'll have to substitute a [sound] from the list.

Now you are ready to play your tune with the new soundfont... You can do the following...
1) Play and listen to your tune on your computer with the new instrument sounds
2) Create a File such as an MP3 or Wav using the new soundfont

IMPORTANT... Because soundfonts are sampled files, the dynamics for one soundfont may not match FluidR3... soundfont. You might have to reset your dynamic values for the score before recording it in wav format. Also note that Wav format is better than MP3 format for true clarity, but the files are larger. (Dynamic values are ppp, ff, mp etc)

You also might want to check your Reverb and Chorus settings in the mixer.

You cannot do the following...
1) Upload your new sounding song to Musescore. Musescore uses its default soundfont for all songs uploaded to it. So if you are writing just to have others on Musescore listen to it, don't bother with other soundfonts.

You can save the file with the New soundfont as the default soundfont for that score. You do this within the synthesizer. Do yourself a favour and save it to a new name. So you don't overwrite your Musescore file.

After you are done, I suggest you open the synthesizer again and highlight FluidR3... and move it to the top of the list.

At this point you should have:
1) A saved file for uploading to Musescore
2) Maybe a different file with the new soundfont as a default
3) A recording in some format of your song using the new soundfont.
4) Reset Musescore to it FluidR3... soundfont.

When you close Musescore, and re-open it, you will be back to where you started.

Under [Edit][Preferences][Soundfont], you will see the default soundfont. Leave this as FluidR3Mono. You will be very disappointed if you change this and upload a score to Musescore. You might have your violin sounding like a guitar.

My philosophy about soundfonts is that you would use a different one to make a CD, a DVD, or a Video Score, and then switch back. After all we do post our songs to MuseScore and we want to hear what we are posting. For a while I used Sonatina Symphony Orchestra soundfont. When I posted to Musescore I would have to change dynamics, re-load, listen to it, repeat until satisfied. If the score is special and you want to use a different soundfont then you must be prepared to do the work.

I actually now have a separate computer that I use just for recording my scores in other soundfonts. I just copy the file to the other computer and export a Wav file.

I hope this helps one or two of you out there in Musescore land.

Oh... I think someone should write something like this for creating an actual Video Score on Musescore. So the entire process is documented.

Any questions? Comments? add them to this discussion
Richard Perritt

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3 years ago

Who reported my songs for copyright infringement?!

Even though I know I clearly gave credit to both the original composer of the two PMD songs AND to all the parts done by Bespinben did in my piano piece, somebody STILL reported me for copyright infringement... Whoever did this has to be pretty despicable to do it for no reason. Thanks to them, no one else can see my work that I uploaded. :/
If there is any way I can get my songs back up on musescore, I would be very greatful of someone could let me know. Thanks...

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3 years ago


I was trying to make a slide on a fretless Bass But all I could get is a step effect with the gliss. Any Ideas Basically I want to start an octave higher and slide down.

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3 years ago

about collabs

Currently I don't want to post anything on youtube because I don't have any type of recording software but I am willing to collaborate with others. I am a bassist and I always wanted to collab with others. The best I can do is make a cheap video and a music score of what I'm playing.

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3 years ago

Song Competition

This is just an idea, so I just want to hear your guys' opinions on this and maybe some improvements. I was thinking of having weekly competitions for our music (you all have probably done this before) and the winner will be featured in one of our videos on youtube. I'm not sure of prizes so you guys can generate ideas for that.

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3 years ago

More views on Youtube

Have you uploaded great scores, but still get very few views? This is because your channel doesn't have enough overall views to begin with or subscribers to make it more commonly seen on Youtube searches. If you want to get your music seen, leave the link to your channel in this discussion so it will be easier for others in this group to subscribe and watch your videos :)

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3 years ago

To put on youtube?


I have a song I want to put on Youtube the first day of November and my question is 'how do you get a song from here onto youtube and without ruining the sound? '

The song's called 'Heroes (original remembrance song)' when the time comes, if anyone wants to look.


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3 years ago

You Tube Rainking.

I posted this discussion on other groups but here it is. I have been researching You tube ranking factors. One of the factors in ranking your channel is the number of subscribers you have? Another factor is how many views you get. I have encourage all of us to subscribe to each others channels. I also want us to encourage all of us to view the video scores. Video score views count on You tube.

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3 years ago