Flute Duets?

I'm looking for some nice, and fairly easy, flute duets for my school's open house. Basically small duets or trios of instruments sit around different areas of the school and play, and I'm trying to find some nice flute duets that can be learned in under a week. I've found two thus far, but will need about seven or eight. If anyone has a duet they really like or want to recommend, I'd love to see what you have!

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3 days ago

Hello Everyone!

This topic is about flutes. well duh. Flutes are great. So what flutes do you play or love or own or yeah!

I play PVC kontrabass flute. I made it! I love the deep haunting sound of the bass flute. I don't have much money, but when I do get enough, I will buy myself a bass flute. First, though, I have to buy myself a new french horn for band next year.

What do you play or own or love?

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7 years ago

Cabaret Night

My two friends and I were looking for a 3-part flute piece, one that isn't that long, but features a lot of low notes. We have been playing flute for four years. Thank you!

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20 days ago

Flute Ensemble Music

My band teacher asked the people in my flute lesson to arrange/compose songs for our flute ensemble. We usually do trios and sometimes do quartets. Are there any good songs that I could arrange?

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2 years ago

G KEY nut become loose

Dear all fellow,

I have a pearl flute and the little G key nut keeps getting loose and making a leak . I have screwed it back but it keeps popping back up after a few plays . Any idea how to fix this? Many thanks

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3 months ago

getting a full sound

Does anyone have any advice on getting a more full sound while playing. especially on the 3rd and fourth registers. My sound is okay, its not airy, but it does sound very tinny at times and im not loving it.

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6 months ago

intermediate flute

hey, i was wondering if anyone could give an intermediate flutiest some tips on how to get better. i have a competition coming up in a few months and need some advice on how to get a fuller sound and how to play the faster parts and not sound sloppy.
thanks in advance.
-a flute player.

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6 months ago


I just started to play the piccolo (I also play flute) but not many of my flute music pieces sound right on it, its always too high pitched. if anyone has piccolo sheet music please tell me.

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6 months ago


When writing for flutes other than picc. and c flute, what are the most common ranges. I want to start adding these deeper voices into my music

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6 years ago