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Apr 24, 2018

i just joined your group im pretty new to flute the highest note i can play is G (high G) can someone please tell me how to play higher.


Blow faster air, tighten your embouchure.
can you play the 2nd octave g or the third octave g? 
because if can play the 2nd octave g then just play the higher notes as usual ( g-c) by tensing up your lips and blowing faster, more concentrated air.
The first and second octave g's for flute are the same fingering- all you need to do is blow faster air.
The third octave g is with your left thumb- blow really fast air- brace yourself, it is loud. But you will get used to it! And it's a lot of fun to play.
Try to use more air and, if possible go from one note, then that same note an octave higher over and over again
smaller embouchure
Make your aperture (mouth opening) smaller, direct your air stream higher, and blow slightly faster

(P.S. I was told by a flute major that its not so much tightening your embouchure but your aperture.) :)
@fungirlexi1 Yep, tightening your embouchure will just screw your tone. Your aperture must get smaller so that you can push the air out faster.
do you have a band teacher? if so, he will start teaching you those notes in no time. Also, if you have an essential elements book (or any book that helps teach you how to play flute, for that matter), there is always a place in the front or the back of the book that tells you how to finger almost every note.
play high notes or just higher G? Me, personally, its often really hard for me to play a third octave E natural and third octave F sharp. Honestly, air fixes everything. tighten you're mouth a and make the tiniest hole for air you can and just blow. you might over shoot it first, but I'm sure you'll get there. best of luck!
Playing high notes don't require a lot of skill. It is just blowing harder than you usually would. Also have a look online to find fingerings for them and all you have to do is blow hard till the note sounds right.
@MadFlutist Well, yes, but that is for just getting the note out. Once you get it out, there is more technique to be practiced for good tone.
the higher note i've played is high F ._.
wow guys thanks... i've listen to you now i can play 4th octave C# but only just how could i improve it and play the highest note 4th octave D?
Just practice, working your way up. Jump octaves, practice decrescendos on your high notes, and make your aperture (hole where air comes out) smaller, and DON'T TIGHTEN YOUR EMBOUCHURE!! Your lips NEED to stay relaxed.
Try to play up a scale, blow cool, quick air for higher notes. I'd suggest not just trying to play one note at a time if you're trying to get higher, that's hard for someone kind of new to a flute. For example, let's say you want to play to high b-flat. Play F, G, A, B-flat. 
I relied solely on alternate fingerings when learning how to play higher. Once I learned how to make a sound out of those I slowly started teaching myself the basic fingerings for those notes. I found that playing Bb and B were easiest after G so I kind of built my way down. I also found playing while standing up was easier to making a sound, but once you learn how to play them then sitting down is cool too. Scales are big thing that helped too. I started off playing double octave scales at like whole notes and then moving them to half and then so on until I got to 8th and it just took practice tbh

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