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Jun 10, 2018

Hello, I am an intermediate flute player who recently got addicted to old classical music. Anyone know any good classical songs I should learn? I've currently learnt Badinerie, Alla turca and Canon in D. Thanks :D


Hi. I am not a classical composer, but certainly You enjoy play my 3 works here.
Look my page then say to me what You think.

Obs.- I don't know english well. I uses Esperanto for international comunication.
Uhm, I think you should play Für Elise It’s a really good piece of music, I hope this helps ;)
The level is pretty high but Introduction and Rondo Capriccioso is a piece I love play, there's the Concerto in G minor for Flute and Piano from Vivaldi, or Variations on a theme by Rossini from Chopin. Tbh I fell in the same addiction a month ago x)
you can play siciliano, a easy song of bach and you can also play mozart: für elise. And also waltz no.2 (shostakovitch) play, it's a easy song at which you particularly have to count.  

Sorry for my english, i am a hollander and not good at english 😉.
Go to        Every day they post a new SCORE OF THE DAY - all of which are classical.  You'll also find lots of music there I think you'll like!  It's a great resource.  Have fun browsing their many choices!

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