Beginner Flutes!!

Nov 10, 2018

Hello. I am a "Beginner" 7th Grade Flute player. I have been playing flute for about a year now and I'm pretty good. I need some music that is for a 7th grade flutist. Every time I try to find one, its way too advanced. Thank you guys.


How advanced is too advanced for you?
@Thrdfactor lol yeah there is a difference between "Flight of the Bumblebee" advanced and "The British Grenadiers" advanced
Hmm... I can recommend you some marching songs like The Black Hawk March .Start with these two songs : The Black Hawk March or Pachebel's Canon . Then move your way up to harder songs like Centuria or something else. If you can't find the Centuria score ,I can send you it.Through Musescore of course
what's the hardest song you can play well?
You can look up some songs you like as a piano piece Bc flute and piano are the same key
hey! i play 7th grade flute too! ummm, im pretty advanced, even though im in 7th, and my songs will prob be too hard. if you like memes, there is an All Star for flute that is pretty easy.
I actually have a beginner book that I can map into here on musescore. Want me to do it? (Your first scale was Bb, right? If it was then you're in luck!) :)
Hey, I play 7th grade flute too, and am advanced! 
Bellexy, can you map that book into musescore?
i am a 7th grade flute player too :D, i'm not so good but i can give you some songs, like "love like you (from steven universe)" and "hedwig's theme (from harry potter)" (can you do it pls bellexy?)

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