Violin concerto:Secondmovement almost finished slow&fastsections

Mar 29, 2014

My entry in the post-romantic postBarber violin concerto stakes!I love the 2nd movement.
Still working on orchestrating the first movement which at 382 measures seems too short.It has 3 main themes in exposition but they are not developed are they?Old-fashioned sonata form doesn't have to be followed but I did want to have some guide for structuring the material. the recap comes with 1st subject repeated in F major instead of opening Gmajor.There was other material I wanted to repeat :maybe I will.It flows very well (the way I want it to)so maybe I should let it alone -it ain't a big post- romantic concerto- it's a small one .I like it very much .I have a theme for the finale but haven't felt like composing anything new! i would like some sophisticated listeners for it but I feel it flows so well maybe anyone would like it.