Cellist looking for intermediate music

Jul 31, 2018

Hi, I'm a cellist. I need new music, and I don't want easy music, but not hard either. Please post links of Musescore compositions for cello solos that fit this description!


https://musescore.com/user/98918/scores/1143126 One of my favorite cello pieces: Élégie by Gabriel Fauré, a piece that you must recognize. I'm violinist and don't play cello (yet), therefore sorry if this is harder than easy.
Thank-you so much for creating this page. It helps and encourages practizing music. Congratulations
I am a violinist. I like to make music every day


I am a violist who started cello two weeks ago. I don't have much technique or posture correct yet, and it may not sounded pretty, but even as a beginner I can play this. I'm sure you could play this no sweat! Happy hunting!

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