Apr 27, 2018

Hi I’m new, I need some slow songs to practice my tone.


try searching for chorals
Follow the river is a lovely slow piece if you can find it! also chorals and longtone warmups
When I started practicing to get better tone, I started with songs that generally consist of lower notes. Good tone with high notes comes with lots of practice time, where I found lower notes to be a lot easier to get better tone with. When you practice lower notes, think of an aw/ah sound and try to make your oral cavity as tall as you can. As you get better at lower notes, practice this strategy with higher notes and they will slowly come around too. Another thing with higher notes to get better tone and pitch is to remember not to pinch your lips while playing them. I know sometimes I will try to hold and restrain myself while playing high notes, but now I know not to do that. When playing high notes, let out all your air, controlled but not restrained. 
Hi I don't know if your still looking for some slow music, if you haven't alredy play'd it, I'd suggest home on the range. good luck!
Uhm, When I first started it, I bought the book called Essential Elements for band, It has slow songs and fast songs for Bigginers, I was a bigginer last year but now I’m not, I got first chair by playing Alla turca,

Thx, Hope this helps
When I first started to play it, I tried playing warm-ups instead of actual songs. You can search them up on Youtube - they really help.
there are a few good techniques what i like to do is to play my low E until the clarinet is warmed up using this i will try to get my harmonic steps to play in each register key (chameleau, clarion and altissimo) next i will work on my articulation working up to semiquavers for each note up to a high A7. next i will do dynamics and try to go as high as possible while remaining quiet and finally this is only if you use different styles i would warm up my vibrato, flutter tongue, growling, scoopng, smears/glissandos and fingering efficiently using fake fingerings. usually takes 15mins max starting off it can take up to 30mins

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