May 9, 2018

Hi guys I am a intermediate flute player, please give some seggestions for sight reading peices! Thanks!


I was in the same boat a while back. What I found to be the best options and value was a book of duets so that you can sight read twice as much, and a book of etudes at your level so you can focus on more technical work.  You could also look into specifically music that is in keys you are unfamiliar with so you can get more accustomed to them. 

Depending on your skill level, this might help
in general, imslp has a lot of good solo flute music, especially the more technical excercizes

This might also work,
you can play though the first 25 of Jules Demersseman's 50 Etudes mélodiques
the play back button has frozen, can someone tell me hoe to unfreeze?
when sight reading always clap and say the rythm.

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