Jun 30, 2018

Does anyone have some good sheet music for me to play I need some new music? I am kinda getting bored with my music. 


Solo or group?
I always thought klezmer style clarinet was an interesting change up. I have a friend who plays in a polka band at age 85...and she's pretty good still. What i am saying is some times it is fun to be a part of a community group as that can encourage and challenge you. How about bass clarinet when you are bored with Bb? Clarinet jazz has a lot of possibilities too. ..again a group is nice. I get bored with my same old music too. I have tried 10 instruments now and mastered none as i rarely have time for practice. So i practice at the senior living center where my grandma lives or at the hospice where my aunt lives. They so enjoy listening, mostly though i think they just like having someone there with them as i dont know how they possibly could enjoy my practice sessions (lol)...i get practice time in and get to share music as well as make a difference for someone else...that makes it a lot less boring.
Looking for something my daughters can play together - flute and violin. Preferably Celtic/ Irish. Around grade 3 level. Thanks
@Clare Douglas 2 maybe two steps from hell's flight of the silverbird
What instrument are you playing?
i do ololoololololololololoolololololololollo
You might already have this book, but do you know about the “Artistic studies Book 1- From the French School”?

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