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Jun 9, 2012

Marc-Andre Hamelin is widely acclaimed as one of the greatest virtuosi alive, and has recorded all manner of pieces. I would like to enquire as to the personal preferences of this group with regard to this Canadian master?

My own favourite recordings of his:

Alkan's Symphonie pour Piano Seul; Concerto pour piano seul; Le Festin d'Esope.
Liszt's Sonata H-moll
Saint-Saens' Piano concerto no. 2, third movemnet.

That last piece he performs unassailably.


I like listening to him playing Liszt's famous tarrentella.
As soon as I saw the topic I thought 'Liszt's Piano Sonata'. I know the Saint-Saens well, so I will now try to listen to that recording. I don't think I've listened enough to him to make a judgement on my own favourite recordings of his. I don't think I've listened to enough Hamelin altogether.
Whenever anyone says HR2, I think of Lang Lang. How can you fail the piece that you love the most?
God knows, but Lang 〃 manages it nonetheless.

Yes, Hamelin's performance of the Second Rhapsody is unparalleled. Almost makes me want to like it.

And why is it that in Britain our only great pianists are Gibbons and Hough?
I don't know of one great californian pianist.
There are many USAn great pianists though... Just because there are none from your province... That's like me saying that there are no great Cantabrigian pianists.

Most great pianists are Russian or Polish...
that sounds like a direct reference to Rachmaninoff and Chopin (: There are some great californian composers though, John Adams, and Henry Cowell were both born here!
La  pianista  argentina  Marta  Argerich  ,  una  gran  interprete..
I've been listening to Hamelin for over twenty years, starting with his Alkan. However hearing what he does with Haydn, or Debussy makes me melt:

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