Which brass instrument is your favourite?

Dec 11, 2014

Yeah, which one of them all is your favourite?


I play the baritone so that is my favourite
Same here. Baritone buddies :p
But all really
But mostly tuba hense the name Tuba is life :)
Definitely Tuba, but I do get jealous of the Eupho/Baritone sometimes as they get more melody opportunities.
Bass Trombone is the obvious choice! Oh, just me? ok...
All trombones are my favorite (i play the trombone). Speaking of trombones, people who play that instrument check out this...https://soundcloud.com/jimnova/sets/darth-vader-symphony-part-1

Best composition ever!!!
la tromba per tutta la vita!!!
I play all of the brass instruments, and I have to say that my favorite is the American-style euphonium... that upright horn everyone tends to call a baritone. 
Tuba is certainly my most favorite, though i have lots of fun with bass trombone (especially in jazz.)
I've been playing the Tuba for 2 years now and I wanna learn how to play tenor sax.
I'm a sucker for bass sounds so for me i be a tie between Tuba, Bass, or French horn, i love the trombones but trying to write compositions is hard in this because they're so bright.
dude man bro, Frost-Byte, there is a HUUUGE difference between bright and brassy 
trombone are definitely not supposed to be bright, they are very dark with a dark brassy tone
if you are hearing a bright tone them you are either hearing a bad trombone player or a program that doesn't have the correct voice for trombone
I am a multi-instrumentalist and out of the brass i would have to say the euphonium, and none of this conical small bore baritone garbage, i like the full upright euphonium with a large bore.
the small bore "euphonium" may have some applications in high school bands but the lack of the larger bore size constricts the amount of air you can put into the instrument which in-turn constricts tone. 
flugelhorn ,  the kind sweet gentle member of the trumpet family  who avoids conflict  but can lead a discussion 
My favorite is the piccolo trumpet!
trumpet all the waaaaaaaay!!!!!
I really Prefer the Oboe...JK that sounds like a dying duck. Tuba 
I play the baritone and trumpet, but the baritone is my favorite.
Bet nobody can guess what I like to play...

Just a beginner, on Back Row.   I like MuseScore to tidy up our Bands' music, much of which is fossilised in amber and has literal decades of re-photocopying and graffiti on it..
all instruments are equal

except for baritone
Jingle Bells! Jingle Bells!
Trombone all the way :)
Trumpet is the best nothing will ever ever top the trumpet sounds awesome in jazz.

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