High notes on trumpet

Nov 29, 2018

I started studying trumpet in 2010, when It was arrround 2016 I got sick and didn´t preactice for almost a month, since then I can´t play higher notes, it has already been 2 years studying and I still can´t play them, what should I do?


i think.. maybe the way you blow it. bcause sometimes,the way higher notes r blew are not as same as other notes.
You should study Arturo Sandoval Book`s , Good luck!
I suggest you just practice playing high notes every single day. Every day, when you get your horn out, buzz on your mouthpiece the highest note you can, put your mouthpiece back into your horn, and play the highest note you can again. Do this a few times every day. Note: I suggest not doing this right before a practice session or band class, or your chops will be dead, and you won't be able to play any high notes. Good luck! :-)
@Schmitz13 I do study high notes every day, but not like you said, i'll try it, thanks!
@gustavohees So far, has this helped any? If it hasn't, I found some new strategies for working on high notes online.
First of all, many resources have suggested to work on lip slurring up partials. Start from a medium to low partial, and practice slurring up to the best of your extent. Over time, this will supposedly develop your chops and make it easier to play high notes. In addition, when you try to play high notes, try to a) use lots of air, b) don't push the mouthpiece too hard against your lips (this will not help at all), and c) try to center the mouthpiece on your lips.
try long tones
buzz faster
kick your abes in as you go higher
other than that I cant really help. hope it helps though it did for me.
@#BANDGEEK1121 It will probably help a lot, thanks!
I would probably do some practicing with just the mouthpiece; this an effective way to work on developing a tighter embouchure, since you don't have to worry about the pitch, or tone, or anything other than your mouth position.
I hope that works for you! :D
You may need to blow faster air, fix your embouchure may need adjustment, you could have back posture, or you may be blocking the air with your teeth or pressing too hard on the mouth piece
@chancecompton1 I'll start to play focusing on my lips, thanks!
I've only been playing for just over a year and am already sitting at first chair in my school's band because of my range. I went from an F on the scale to an E above the scale in about a month, and all I did was do my scales every day when I was done practicing my other stuff. Even when your lips are tired, push to higher notes. The only way your muscles get stronger is when they are being used once already tired. Good luck!
Just keep practicing, it took time to learn to play those notes. It will take some time to get to that level again. But not forever. :)
I just practice scales frequently. I am not exaclty a professional(Not at all, actually) but I know that the more you practice getting up there, the more you will.
your lips, cheeks and diaphragm are muscles.  don't forget your bones in your face, chest and back are also factors.  daily exercise will help your lungs and heart as they are needed for good playing too.  if you have already tried all the practice recommendations already mentioned by others, and you do indeed practice daily, it might be a good idea to speak with a doctor or medical professional as some sicknesses affect certain muscle abilities.  my trumpet embouchure was forever changed by my braces on my teeth--not a sickness but a definite factor in how i played (i play better now but it took getting used to).
I don't know what to tell you but I have a bit of suggestion, you could possibly find a class or a tutor.
try buzzing faster, long tones, chromatic scale, and practice only with your mouth piece for a while.
What helped me improve my range was doing a Bb Scale up and down, then chromatic back to C, then stop for a second, then do a chromatic scale as high as I could go starting with C. It definitely helped my Sophomore year when we played a song in my HS Concert Band that was above my range, and now, while I'm not required to, I can do a Two-Octave Bb Scale (Middle C to Double C). (For Reference, when I started doing this, the top of my range was barely an E)
try buzzing faster, long tones, chromatic scale, and practice only with your mouth piece for a while.
one thing that really helped me was "the lean". increased my range from a high c to a double g. just arch your back while playing the high note and it will compress your air more, helping you play higher. also try breathing more deeply and giving as much air as you possibly can
Remington exercises will increase your range over time. I have learned this from my professor, a private lessons teacher, and Scott Whitfield

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