Actually Taken Music Theory?

Dec 18, 2018

Hey, just curious, out of the people here who work on transcribing pieces from songs and such, how many of you have actually taken a music theory class/lessons/self-taught.

(If you've gone to college for Music, then please don't respond. I'm curious because I'm noticing a lot more pieces and transcriptions on here that have chords and such that don't make much sense.)


@Eliecer Tamez See, I wouldn't call myself "self-taught" but I'm really good at picking notes from music, so it takes less time to work things out than others. Meanwhile I have not gone through a theory class, and I will be doing an Independent Study of it just because, sooo....
I took AP Music Theory and aced it in high school, but I was self-taught before. Honestly if you take old classical scores and put everything in note for note, you can get a good grasp on how to transcribe real music. I like to put my songs through a mixer and try to single out individual instruments, which can make the process easier. Ultimately what you write down has to sound like what you're hearing.

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