Help on literally anything and everything!

Hey guys! I was hoping to receive comments and feedback as much as possible regarding anything and everything about a few of my original compositions. If you don't have the time, you don't need to listen to all of them - just pick some that sound interesting to you and tell me your thoughts/ideas for potential improvements if you have time (of course, if you want to listen to/comment on all of them, I'd really love that :D ). Here are the pieces, as well as brief descriptions of each and their length. Hope you enjoy!

"Into the Midst of the Sea": My piece for concert wind ensemble. It brings to life different aspects of the ocean and the emotions we feel when we experience the sea (16 minutes): 

"Piano Sonata No. 1 in D": My first piano sonata, organized into 3 movements in the key of D (my favorite key), which has a rather unique sound for a piano piece and describes feelings of nostalgia, wistfulness, and joy as time goes on and change occurs (14 minutes): 

"Spring Flowers": A piece for string quartet and piano which showcases the beauty of spring and the happiness of the season (5 minutes): 

"Returning Home": A piece for trumpet quartet that I uploaded to honor the anniversary of me starting to compose music a few years ago. It was inspired by Dvorak's "Going Home" chorale and was the first dedicated piece of music I ever composed (and still one of my favorites, because of how fun it is too play, as a trumpet player) (3.5 minutes): 

"Adventure": A piece for solo trumpet that I performed live this year at San Jose State University. It tells the story of how adventurous our lives can be, and should offer some challenge to trumpet players wanting to play it (4 minutes): 

"Max and Chloe": An arrangement for guitar ensemble of the main theme to the popular video game "Life is Strange" by DONTNOD Entertainment, which is a piece I've always loved (3.5 minutes): 

Thank you for taking the time to read this long message, and (hopefully), for listening to my music. It really means a lot to me, and I hope to hear back! Thanks!
-Ben Ledochowski

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3 days ago

One theme, a million of music!

  Hi everyone!
After see a video about "leitmotiv" in music, i have tried to write musics with very different ambiances, but with the same theme. (according light modifications)
It is a very good exercice! It's train you to search and get the perfects instruments and the good chords.
So i challenge you : how many different music can you write with a single theme? (in theory, an infinity ^^)
You can get my tries here :
It could be nice that you use the theme i used ;)  

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20 days ago

I modified Blackheart which Thomas Bergensen (from Two Steps From Hell) composed and Celthyan arranged

Dear members of Orchestral Group, please come to listen my modified version of Blackheart which Thomas Bergensen (from Two Steps From Hell) composed and Celthyan arranged. All kinds of feedback are welcome. Thank you!
(I already bore this URL in my mind XD, and yes, Celthyan's original version was also linked in the description of my version) 

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a month ago

Support message

Hello all members of Orchestral Group. I am Nhat, come from Vietnam, I have a problem, I want to help you: now I am the manager of a group called Saigon Philharmonic Youth Orchestra. We have a music program in the near future, but we are short of material to perform. And I have a piano piece, so hopefully you can support and arrange it into Solo Violin and Orchestra? I sincerely thank!
I wish you good health!
Best regards!

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2 months ago

In search of Orchestral Arrangers

Dear Musescorers,

I have an annoucement to make.
Because of the quantity of songs that I make and the exceedingly numerous, unfinished drafts I've got and my poor orchestration skills T.T, could someone kindly arrange a few pre-selected piano pieces of mine?
That will be really wonderful! ^^
Credits will be given to the arranger.

Pm if interested,



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a year ago

Do you think that it is possible to cover (in MuseScore) a piece by Hans Zimmer? But closer(sound) to the incredible of the original?

Do you think that it is possible to cover a piece by Hans Zimmer in Musescore? But closer to the incredible of the original or like this arrangement? --> (
If it's possible someone could make an arrangement or cover of that song?
i see it very difficult to me to make but i'm still trying but seeing this the in the same way to make that incredible Epic orchestra masterpiece from Hans Zimmer

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6 months ago

Percussion sounds

I do some orchestral, concert band, and chamber music and I am seeking to get more comprehensive percussion sounds for playback.

Ideally, I would appreciate snare, tympani, and cymbal rolls, and also a more realistic bass drum sound than MuseScore’s default drum set has.

MuseScore’s manual mentions using other “sound fonts” but the discussion is above my understanding. I notice that MuseScore percussion staff properties invites me to edit a drum set and also to “load” one different than that included. It is looking for a file with the suffix “.drm”. Where might I find such a file?

I would appreciate anyone’s help, but be aware that I would probably need to be lead by the hand and every step would need to be explained.

Thanks in advance.

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7 years ago

Thank you!

Hello everyone! This is just a little project that I have been working on ( The main message I wanted to get out was a huge THANK YOU! for all the support I have received! I just hit 100 followers! To celebrate having 100 followers, I started a patreon page, where you can help me pay for Pro status here on Musescore. For any contribution that you are able to make, I will will be giving you early access to my sheet music, as well as priority in the request list. For higher contributions, I will also be posting making-of videos, and you will be able to go into more specifics about what you want your requested arrangement to entail (difficulty, instrumentation, etc.) Normal requested sheets will be arranged for piano. I will try to be releasing one normal requested sheet per month, as well as one requested by a Patreon supporter. Thank you! (the link to my patreon)

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6 months ago

Rag Tales album

My new album "Rag Tales" is out now. You can find it on Spotify, ITunes, Apple Music, and Google Play among others. I got started right here on Musescore when I was invited to the ragtime players group. Please check it out. I think you will enjoy it. Thank you friends. Just search for " CJ Brandt" or "Rag Tales". Thanks again

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a year ago

Contest for composers

Dear friends..a challenge:
I am a Conductor of a School Symphonic Orchestra with choir and Concert Band with Choir...
I was wondering, if we could make a concert with some epic music, with your composers name on it...
I would like to have some peaces done by you (recorded) with credits to all composers...
Concerts will have these pieces:
Danny Elfman 2001 Suite (1 hour music) like this: ... but I need the full Suite.
This score will be voted by musician...
The winner will have 500 Euros, and all credits.
Note that: I need scores for Concert Band with Choir and Orchestra with Choir. A lot of low brass is needed.
The composer can add 1 or all the titles above (this is: he can make the arrangement for any or all the peaces) - the price of 500 Euros will be sent for the winner of the best arrangement of all.
Deadline will be April 1st 2017.
Please send the full score in Musescore format by email to: along with your email name and Bank Account with IBAN on it.
Please add your name to the score for credits.
You are allow to send video (youtube) to be played and recorded with your music if you wish.
Also, with the email, you need to send authorization to be played with my band and/or Orchestra.
P.S: Please forward this message to all composers groups.
Best of luck to all
Carlos Gonçalves

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a year ago

Help? Kabalevsky cello concerto

If anyone has the cello score to The Kabalevsky Cello concerto No. 1,
I need to get the orchestra part arranged off the piano part, because i'm playing it soon, and Writing the cello part takes up to much time.
~*If you would*~
Could you write out the cello part (nothing fancy like bowings, Just the notes) On this score? It would save me sooooooooo much time!! THANKS! :D
Kristi Roller
Here is the link to the score,

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a year ago

Of Etiquette

So after being on Musescore for 18 weeks, 3 days, I’ve noticed a couple things that the average user should apply, to make everyone’s time on Musescore enjoyable and productive.
First of all, the system is rigged for “pro users.” In a random selection of 27 pros, the average number of followers was 220, when a similar sample of well-known non-pro-users turned up none with even 200 followers, 10% below the AVERAGE of the “pros.” Now, a case can be made that non-pro-users are not as committed composers, therefore not being as good. However, a composer’s piece seems to be legitimized if that little pro icon is down by the user’s name. Musescore users, especially pros, should not be prejudiced by not looking at a certain composer’s material if that user is not a pro.
So here’s my solution to this problem: be courteous. That’s all. There should be some etiquette that gets applied. Here is my list for how EVERY user should treat every other Musescore user:
I – if a user follows you, check out their music. You may be surprised with what you hear.
II – if a user favorites a work of yours, check out their music. If they like your music, it shows that you have similar tastes.
III – if a user comments on a piece of yours, check out their music. If they took the time to listen to a piece of yours, they deserve your respect for being a good audience.
Now, this list is not comprehensive. Just be courteous, and do what you would want others to do to you. The golden rule is key here.
I hope that those who read this pay attention to it, and take it to heart. There are so many great non-pro-users who don’t get the recognition they deserve, simply because they are not a pro user.

Thanks for reading this rant. :)

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a year ago


Alright guys!! All epic composers are invited to participate in this EPIC SHOWDOWN of EPIC MUSIC CLASHING!!
End of May is the due date! compose and put your score the on group page. In discussion, I will put up a poll and see which one is liked the most.
Create an Epic score based on the rules I display for the score to follow.
MUST be 2 minutes long AT LEAST! 8 minutes MAX!!
Audience will be typing if they like it or not like as much.
I will Critic Score for proper formatting and neatness.
Overall highest score WINS
Last Info!

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2 years ago


As I come upon the end of my newest jazz tune, I feel that I may want to take a step back and do some classical compositions.
I was thinking of writing a piano composition and would like to work on it with someone who is proficient at composing. Someone who I can bounce ideas off of and vise versa.
Please let me know if you are interested and message me either on this discussion, on one of my scores, or through the "send message" button on my account.

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2 years ago


I know one of the biggest challenges for most new musescore users is how to add tremolo and pizzicato to strings, and mute to trumpets. I know it baffled me for a while, but I want to spread the word on how it is done in a way that it will generate actual AUDIO PLAYBACK!!!!!


(I will be using tremolo as an example, but the process is exactly the same for pizzicato and mute.)

Step 1: Click on the note where you want to start. When that note is highlited (usually in blue), click Ctrl + T (Or use the menu to do Create > Text > Staff Text).

Step 2: Type whatever you want here, although just to avoid confusion, you should write "tremolo" Or even some specific directions, like "Slow Tremolo" or "Furious Tremolo".

Step 3: Click away from the text box. Now drag it until it is in a suitable place. (The text box will often initially be created inside of some notes, so just make sure it is clearly out of the way, yet right above the notes you want to start the tremolo at, similar to if you wanted to add a tempo text box.)

Step 4: Right Click on the text box you just created, and in the dropdown box, click Staff Text Properties.

Step 5: Check the "Channel" box, and then click the Tremolo option.

Step 6: At this point, you are done, and musescore will play the tremolo sound. However, if you want your piece to be readable and playable by musicians, you should add real musical tremolo marks onto the notes, via the palette on the left. (The same one that has dynamics, lines, Accidentals, etc.) THESE MARKINGS DO NOTHING FOR THE MUSESCORE PLAYBACK, BUT ARE NECESSARY IF YOU WANT THE PIECE TO BE PLAYABLE BY MUSICIANS.


Let me know if you have any questions, and try to spread the word! I will be copying and pasting this discussion in as many groups as I can! Thank you all and please give me feedback!

(P.S. you will probably not be seeing any more compositions from me for a while. I am currently working on a LARGE orchestral suite, hopefully over an HOUR LONG. This will be in the form of a full soundtrack as a demonstration of what I can do. I have no movie to go along with, but I will via text tell the listener what is supposed to be happening. I wanted to say this to explain my soon to be absence from the sheet music list. I will keep listening, commenting, and participating in discussions, however!)

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4 years ago

>>>>>HELP with Piano recording<<<<< (Fugue of the Storm Piano)

Hey guys... I have a bit of a dilemma... I have been playing piano for a long time now, and have decided I want to start recording and sharing my works... However, my problem is this: I have an upright piano in the house, and access to the church's baby grand. (Key to church and permission to use it...) The only problem is I have not recording equipment, besides a cheap camera. I don't have tons of money to spend. I know how much good recording equipment costs, and just can't afford that. (17 years old, has college, a nearby cash car purchase, and a lawn business to maintain with funds...) Does anyone have any good suggestions?

As further incentive (other than helping a poor soul...), The piece I am working on now is a full piano transcription of Ashboy's Fugue of the storm, one of the most popular (and difficult) playable pieces on this site. I plan on having it done and polished in a week or two, and making a videoscore, but I really do not have good enough recording equipment for such a good piece.


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4 years ago


I want to know everyone's favorite chord progression. I am looking for a cool way to spice up a song, and I would like some chord progressions to work with.

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2 years ago

Call for Composers

HEYYYYY musescore people. My friends and I are making an RPG game and we would like some original music for it. So if you enjoy composing then we ask if you could make some piece for our game. We currently just need title screen music (epiccc stufff) character themes and some theme for places (dungeons, plains, etc etc) .We will acknowledge you for the work that you make. We just ask pieces to e approx 30 second -1 minute and can be repeated without a hitch. It's a good chance to get your music seen if our game does end up becoming know or seen by people. Thanks guys we appreciate any help given >_<
Oh and if you would like to contribute please comment and I'll give you details on how to contact me :)

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3 years ago