Advice for my compositions uploaded on MuseScore?

The questions explains itself. My pieces are in my account, and they are: 2 completed Piano Sonatas in the keys of C and D minor, a solo piano Rhapsodie in E-flat minor, and 2 ‘work in progress’ Symphonies in the keys of F-sharp minor and E major. Please give me advice to be a better composer!


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5 days ago

Note Names

I have found a Plug-in to name the notes in a chord.  However, the letters go from left to right and often get obscured by notes above the top line of the stave.
Can you get the note names to go vertically, thereby being fully legible at all times??  Please advise.

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24 days ago

Writing four-part harmony

When I add, say, an alto part to the soprano and the notes are of different value to the soprano note I find that the soprano notes change.  eg. soprano notes are crotchets and I want to add quavers to the alto part - the soprano notes change to quavers.   What have I missed?
Any assistance welcomed.

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28 days ago


Hello! I am looking for some advice on my pieces. I'm relatively new to composing music, so any and all advice is appreciated as I really don't know what I'm doing.

"The Red Army":

These scores do all go together in a certain way, so they are somewhat similar, and please forgive my first piece's title. I swear I'm not a Communist...

Thank all of you for your time!

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29 days ago

Palindromic music

J.S.Bach's crab canon is, to my knowledge, the sole fully palindromic composition. Does anyone know better? I have produced some two part palindromic pieces in the vein of Bach and keep wondering if I am a lonely rider in that field.

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a month ago

Uploaded Scores

Does anyone know why an uploaded score does not display dotted lines for octave higher or lower signs? The dotted lines do display in musescore while editing, but not when viewing video created from upload.

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2 months ago

Score advice

I don't mind listening to anyone's music and giving comments and critique, so if anyone wants me to listen just let me know!

BTW I'd appreciate it if anyone could give some feedback on mine XD

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4 months ago

Wait What?!

I can't believe it! I'm about to hit 50 followers (only need 7 more)! I know that it isn't mush, but it is something right? Tell if you would like to see an original composition, or an arrangement of a song you like. I'm going to take probably 3-5 ideas so choose wisely as I'm putting this discussion in all the groups I'm in.

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3 months ago