Hello, Yet Again

Sorry to have kept you waiting. Now I use FL20 instead of MuseScore for my musical work. It's a good feeling to rejoice. In case you're wondering wherever I was, I'm still at home and finally, I'm back!
Right about now, I've improved on my musical knowledge skills. Ask me if you're doubtful on your work.


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a month ago

Would love your feedback on a Nintendo video game music I arranged :)

Hi guys, this is my first post here just to get comments and feedback on my orchestral arrangement of "Pokemon Red", (yes the whole original 8 bit video game soundtrack) currently still unfinished at about the 25 min mark, but will be expected to last about 45 minutes.

The link is as follows:


Would be nice to hear some of your thoughts and comments about how can i improve it! Thank you!

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3 months ago

Music You'd Like to See

I've been having a lot of troubles lately with thinking of a new arrangement I'd like to do and anyone that I've tried have just been not very satisfactory to me. Are there any ideas for Nintendo music that you guys have for me? Thanks!

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9 months ago

Nintendo Big Band Transcription Project

Hello all!
I would like to know if anybody would like to transcribe segments of the Nintendo Big Band playing a Mario medley. Here is the recording:https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=-IFN8RPQa1Y

If you are interested in participating, please let me know what segment you would like to do. Once a segment is completed, I will copy and paste it to the score. I am currently doing the last one ("Credits of Super Mario 3D World).
Best wishes,

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7 months ago

I Could Use Some Tips

I got MuseScore so that I could make myself arrangements of all my favorite music. But, I've just been having a little bit of trouble actually creating stuff. Any tips to get started so I can start adding my share of things to this group?

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8 months ago

Zelda Resource Pack

Hey, I am looking for remixes of Minecraft and Zelda. I would like to have songs from Minecraft be MIXED WITH zelda, so that in one song you can recognize "That's Minecraft!" and "That's Zelda". If you want to try, please do, and then tell me here with a link in the comments!
Here is the resource pack, if you want to check it out:
Thanks for considering!
-Wolfframe Von Winchester

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11 months ago

Good News and Bad News

Hey, everyone, I've got both good news and bad news.
The bad news is that I'm going to delete all my scores from my account.
But the good news is that I'm going to upload suites and/or medleys of various games instead!
My first one would be a suite of Super Mario 64, so I will use my previous scores in this, along with some other arrangements.
I hope you feel good!

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a year ago

I'm Sorry

Sorry, everyone. The suite I talked about is delayed. I will work on it once I turn pro; but I still have a doubt. I can't pay the fees in dollars; I can only pay it in Indian rupees. What to do? Will MuseScore accept? (I know a free trial does exist, but that's only for a month.)

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a year ago