How to upload tunes

So I just joined last night and then joined this Group. I uploaded two of my songs but don't see them in the Sheet Music for this group. What have done wrong? Is something in my settings incorrect?

7 years ago

Why it says "(Originals)" in the group name

Copyright laws permit you to take other people's copyrighted songs and make your own transcriptions or arrangements for your own use. However, these are considered "derivative works" in most countries and cannot be distributed publicly without permission. There are allowances made for "fair use", but that generally doesn't cover the posting of complete versions to public web sites.

The specifics are not black and white, and they vary from country to country, so rather than open ourselves to possible complaints from copyright holders, let's just limit this group to pieces where it is clear you own the copyright. That means, just original compositions and transcriptions / arrangements of public domain compositions.

7 years ago