For the finale, it is Elizabeth Asher, KeldwoJustified, and's job to write a piece that has a very tragic ending. No instrument requirements or requirements for the beginning and mid sections of the piece, as long as they are at most 3 minutes long. Thanks to @Jacob Spencer
for the finale recommendation. They are due by the OLYMPICS closing ceremony on the 23rd of August. Good luck and may the best composer win!

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2 years ago

Third Round Change

I heard everyone's displeasure and decided to change up the third round , but still have the three-point reference in there. Write a piece based on overcoming fears. The piece must feature a string instrument and be followed by an interesting storyline. The deadline is August 11, and if anyone is unhappy with this, I don't know what I'll do...

This will just be a general rubric, a score out of 10. The three point reference here is that i will not be judging so there will be 3 judges for a 30 point max.

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2 years ago


How will this work?
In the first round all members who wish to compete in the Olympics must enter. If you do not wish to be a part but still want to play a part, you can be one of the co-judges. A winner and second place are chosen. The winner gets an automatic pass to the final round, and second place gets a pass for two rounds.
In the next round all members but first and second enter. The first and second place are chosen and get the same passes listed above.
This process will continue until 8 rounds have passed. In the ninth and final round, all of the first place winners and two second place winners at random will be put up against one another to decide the COMPOSITION OLYMPICS CHAMPION!
All members that wish to participate in round 1 must participate.
Must have COMPOSITION OLYMPICS ROUND _ in the title

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2 years ago

Second Round

The objective here is very simple: write a piece for any keyboard instrument, piano, or harp. There is no limit on keys except it must be in 3 or 4 4 time. The piece will be judged on the following rubric:
Creativity- 10 pts for a piece that goes above and beyond in a creative way.
Playability- 17 pts for a piece that can be easily performed by a professional player of the given instrument.
Dynamics/Ornamentation- 10 pts for a piece that uses dynamics and ornaments well.
Written score: 5 pts for a well written piece.
3 pts for participation
Must be done by July 1.

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2 years ago

First Round

For your first round task you must write a 1 to 3 minute song for a brass quartet, concert band, or orchestra. The piece must have a trombone or euphonium part written in a three octave range up from pedal E natural (anyone who needs between pedal B flat and low E please tell me, those notes are only available with my permission) and have the following:
At least 5 accidentals
Rehearsal marks with measure #
Articulation markings
One tempo change
Must be in minor key
Due by June 15.

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2 years ago