Jul 1, 2018

Hullo people's
I'm new here and I've only watched one anime soooo..
I was kinda hoping for any suggestions you might have about which animus I should watch?
So if you could describe an anime or two that you think I should watch then


What was the anime? There are so many different genres. I mean you can't go wrong with ones like "One Punch Man" or "Attack on Titan" because those are generally shorter and very well known and renowned for being good. Others like "Naruto" or "One Piece" are also very good but are very long, but then again there are so many genres to choose from. I like slice of life/romance/comedy ones like "Clannad" or "K-on".
attack on titans is op and season three is coming out soon
Darling in the franxx, its a new and really popular/memed out one
Kill La Kill is great and so is Assassination Classroom! 
romance animes... your lie in april... nisekoi
what type of genre do you like? There's romance, action, seinen, shoujo, shounen, comedy, shounen ai, shoujo ai, drama, slice of life, fantasy and quite a few others. seinen is usually for older teens to adults so from 16 to 21 and up. shounen is for all ages for boys. shoujo is usually for girls under the age of 21 and when I say "for" the genres are directed towards these age groups so its not specifically for one person. shounen ai is boys love, shoujo ai is girls love. Slice of life is a bit weird to describe.
Fullmetal Alchemist: Brotherhood. It's absolutely amazing and it's on Netflix
My recommendations sorted by genre I like:

for fantasy/science fiction: Re:ZERO kara Hajimeru Isekai Seikatsu / Seraph of the End / Fullmetal Alchemist & Brotherhood
for drama/romance: Charlotte / Akagami no Shirayuki-hime / Kimi no Na wa. / Nagi no Asukara
for action/super-power: Fate (entire franchise) / Shakugan no Shana
for comedy (without ecchi): Servant x Service / Tsurezure Children
for shounen: Boku no Hero Academia / One Piece (more than 800 episodes)
for drama+tragedy/comedy: Angel Beats! / Plastic Memories / Your Lie in April
Gakkou Gurashi! It's a psychological thriller.
My Favorites:
My Hero Academia
Attack on TItan
Assassination Classroom
Full Metal Alchemist: Brotherhood
They're all really good!
Black Butler - (I think the manga books are better than the anime though)
Detective Conan 
Tokyo Ghoul Season 1+2 season 3 is eh
A great anime movie is one called "your name" if you're into movies and plots about messing with time, but two of my favorite anime's would be eureka seven (50 episodes about 20 min each) and kimi ni todoke ( 38 episode a lil over 20 min i believe). And if you can handle kinda intense things like torture and blood and death then tokyo ghoul is bomb 

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