Transcription of "Memories of Green" from the Chrono Trigger original sound track; I need help!

Jun 7, 2019

Transcription is here:

I am quite sure that this transcription is correct, "note wise"; however, several things are missing:

* there is a tremolo effect on the flute which I do not want (I don't know how this can be removed, if possible at all);
* I cannot emulate the fade out of sustained notes on either the flute part or the strings part, but then note that I am using 3.0.5, it is supposedly fixed in 3.1.x which I haven't tried yet;
* the reverb effect on the piano part is missing as well. And again, I don't know how to do it or, in fact, whether it is possible at all.

Comments welcome! I love this piece, and personally I think it is ripe for an orchestral transcription transitioning to the main theme with just a half tone adjustment...