Shakugan no Shana

hey I want to see how many people here have seen are is watching "Shakugan no Shana".  Ive talked to some people here about it but comment if you have or if you are watching it.  it would be interesting to see how many have.  if you haven't you should, its awesome!     XD

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10 days ago

Final Fantasy IV transcriptions Incoming!

Howdy! This is just a heads up for all of you FF nerds that I'm currently uploading the entire FFIV OST to Musescore. I'll need to make a few edits since I used an old version of the program + the actual game soundfonts for the scores, but rest assured, it will arrive very soon!

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3 days ago


Necesitó a al quien que me pueda hacer unas partituras para estos instrumentos: Saxos Altos, Trompetas, Trombones, Flautas transversas el que por favor me pueda ayudar por favor me escribe

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7 days ago


Hullo people's
I'm new here and I've only watched one anime soooo..
I was kinda hoping for any suggestions you might have about which animus I should watch?
So if you could describe an anime or two that you think I should watch then

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20 days ago

Help with Mobius Final Fantasy's WoL motif

There's this Final Fantasy games no one knows called Mobius Final Fantasy, and it has some awesome soundtrack, but there are NO sheets available anywhere. So I thought I'd write down one of the main motifs. HOWEVER, it is *way* harder than I thought. So I came here to ask for some help.

I wrote this down in a few minutes, so it is really bad and probably in the wrong key yadda yadda

Here are a few OSTs that use this motif:

And here is a playlist with almost all the OST:

Edit 11/07/2018: Got the right key and the second motif (the part after the second pause) done right (I think)

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11 days ago

Looking for volunteer to make OST

Hey, I'm from a small student developer studio and was wondering if any of you guys would be interested in making a game soundtrack (edm or upbeat piano/strings) for a game currently in development. This is a free volunteer job, however you will receive credit for your composition. I'll give you more details if you're interested. Please email us at if interested. Thank you!

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13 days ago

Key Signature Help

 In one of my scores I'm having trouble figuring out how to have all of the instruments have one single key signature: G Major. But the French Horns are in D Major, and the Trumpets are in A Major? How can I fix this? 

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15 days ago