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2 days ago

God of War Overture for Piano

I just finished a rough draft of the 2018 God of War Overture arranged for piano. I've been having a lot of trouble finding a version that is the whole song and sounds relatively correct, so I just decided to make one myself. I'd love any feedback/suggestions as I enter the editing phase since this is the first piece I've ever tried to arrange. Thanks!

God of War Overture: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=zoT2MgT2LVI

My Arrangement: https://musescore.com/user/7384001/scores/5283057

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16 days ago

Devil May Cry 3 OST "Epilogue"

English: Hi guys, I'm new to this group, and used my time to make the scores for this very Beautifoul piece for string orchestra. It is not found anywhere else. Whoever wants more pieces like this, just says: D!
Español:Hola chicos, soy nuevo en este grupo, y use mi tiempo para hacer las partituras para esta pieza muy Bellisima para orquesta de cuerdas. No se encuentra en ningún otro lugar. Quien quiera más piezas como esta, solo dice: D!

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8 days ago

You wanna guess the song?

Hey everyone, I'm planning to try and put together one of those Guess the Song challenges since they look so fun to do and it's a great chance for me to transcribe various different songs at once. I don't know if they are still a thing, but I wanted to give it a shot anyway.
I believe it's better to keep it relatively small scoped to begin with, so I thought to center it around a single spin-off franchise like Mario Kart, since this series has some of my all time favorite VGM themes and it ties in nicely with my latest Rainbow Road Medley score.
So, with that said, let me know if you would be interested in seeing/participating in one of these! Also, if you've already seen or been involved in another challenge of sorts and you'd like to share some advice or experience, it'd be greatly appreciated.

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a month ago

Moonlighter OST Transcription

It would be nice to have but I'm actually here to spread the joy of the Moonlighter OST


The themes are both simple, dramatic and just a joy to listen to!

Also if you listen carefully you'll notice that all of these themes played in sequence make up a single coherent piece. Leitmotifs FTW!

"Beyond the Gates" 
"The Golem King"
"Carnivorous Mutae" 
"Energy Flux" 
"The Void"   

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20 days ago

Request for a transcription

Hello everyone, 

I am hoping if someone would be interested in transcribing a music piece called "Deerstalker" composed by Nicode. Some of you may know that this came from the rhythm game Deemo.  This song only utilizes a piano and no other additional instrument. Due to my untrained ear, I'm guessing this may be a solo piano piece but also possibly a duet. If you are willing to do this (and I greatly appreciate that), please make it as similar as possible to the original.

Here is the link to the song: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=BGzIIVYzUkY

I welcome anyone who is up for this!

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24 days ago

Need help with some transcribtions

hello fellow weeb pianists, drummers and guitarist i the main transcriber for our newly formed school band, the 120bpm and i require some help for a some transcribtions for a few vocaloid pieces that im currently working on and for future ones too, if anyone is interested in helping, please pm me

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a month ago

How To Make Techno Music With Sonic Producer for Entertainment

The first techno music was emerged in the mid to late 1980s from Detroit and Michigan. Techno is a form of electronic dance music. Many styles of techno are now existed, but the Detroit Techno is seen as the foundation upon which a number of sub genres have been built. By understanding the history of Techno Music, let us begin the tour on how to make techno music.

Techno music comes with two forms, Bootlegs and mash-up. Mash up is a mixture of two or more tracks combine into one by overlaying them into a unique creation. Bootleg is by adding sound enhancements and some sound engineering to the original track or song. Sonic producer with the features of 16 track sequencer with track control volume may help you on the mixture. Additional, thousand of specialized instruments, sounds and effects which include of 9 different percussion of drum, piano, guitar, piano, cymbals and chime, horns and brass to assist your creation of work.

The most first step for making techno music is choosing your percussion beats and determine the tempo of the beat while creating the percussion beat. Follow by the bass and rhythm, The bass sound embellishes the rhythm and gives your song it's signature sound. The process of layering sound may add in, anything you can add in, for example guitar, piano, trumpets, among other sounds. Sonic producer allowed you and coursework writing service to determine the tempo as your command. Most of the techno music will follow by this sequences, into-chorus-climax-chorus-outro you can hear  Of course you can create your unique music without accord the sequence llIncomplete sentence by your own creation. 

The software support MP3 file, you can save your file at MP3 format convenience you to burn at CD or transfer to your ipod. This cutting edge performance online software granted user to save their work online. Which means you can retrieve your work at your convenience. The simple, clean and clear interface of the program facile for the user to navigate on it. If you insist to ask how to make techno music, this software had the video tutorial showing you the technique. Royalty freeRepeated Word is the best part for this software. The music and beats you download for your beats making are free of royalty. Which means you can use or sell your creation as you like.

Eventually, I believe that you had found your best techno making software that allows you and veteran alike to make your own techno music online. Professional features with just a fraction of price, you can shift the whole studio to your home. There is no more reason for you to ask "how to make techno music."

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30 days ago