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Hey y’all, I’ve been trying to build up a good amount of music from the major Switch titles, like BotW, SMO, and Spla2n. The songs are supposed to be easily recognizable, but not too simple either. For BotW, I have Kass’s Complete Theme (Chromel’s version), and I was wondering if any y’all had any good suggestions for other franchises or songs around the same difficulty I could add.

TL;DR, I’m looking for songs to play that are
- Are from major Nintendo games/franchises (preferably from Switch)
- Are pretty recognizable (nothing too obscure)
- Around the same difficulty as Chromel’s “Kass’s Complete Theme” (I don’t want any Dark Beast Ganon fight kinda stuff)

I understand that there’s no real reason to help me, but it’d be appreciated if y’all had some suggestions. Thanks a lot!

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3 months ago

Kiznaiver anyone?

Hey everybody! So I'm relatively new to arranging and transcribing anime music but I've already done three transcriptions and I was wondering if I should make a transcription of the full version of the song from the opening of Kiznaiver? I think its called "Lay your hands on me" By boom boom satellites. Would anybody want that or would it just be a waste of time for me?

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3 months ago

Looking for Arrangers for our Orchestra

Hi guys, I posted here a few months back, and found 2 arrangers, and now we're looking to add 1 or 2 more to our team to help spread out the work. We have almost every instrument under the sun for you to arrange for and we do really fun VGM, Anime Themes and Film Scores...looking for someone wanting to try to make some fun music with us. There are some small benefits at the moment and this is intended to become a paid position. Anyone interested, please contact me. Here's a few samples of our work so far. 

Avengers Infinity War Theme:

Attack on Titan OP1

Corridors of Time - Chrono Trigger:

Thank you for your time and we look forward to working with you. .

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4 months ago

"River flows in you" - Yiruma

hey guys, I know this is only a video game and anime group and this song isn't any of those two but I can't find the sheet music anywhere.  can someone please please make sheet music to this song,    Yiruma - River Flows in You - EASY Cover/Tutorial by PlutaX - Synthesia,   (on youtube)  (I'm sorry but for some reason its not letting me copy the link).  I know there is sheet music to the original version of this song but all of those are to hard for me to play, so could some one please please make sheet music to the song in the link.   I would really appreciate it.     (The sheet music for the Piano)

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3 months ago

Bored? Here are a few games to remix (or anything else) from

In short, this site has a few missing video games from it.
I've noticed some games never even got songs from it on here, and if they did, they were overshadowed by many other songs. I myself have virtually no talent in arranging, but noticing this, I can't sit back and watch. So, for anyone bored enough to read this, please consider remixing or arranging songs from any of the following games.

There's one song here. Only one. 

Crash Bandicoot 
There's only two pages of Crash Bandicoot songs on Musescore.


P.S I was too lazy to find any other games
P.P.S Ristar for Super Smash Bros
P.P.P.S I'd better post this before I don't feel like it anymore

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3 months ago

For the Anime Fans in this Group

I'm holding a vote on the best anime openings. Out of these few, I would love to hear the group's general consensus on which openings have the best music.

The openings you can vote between are:

- Jojo Sono Chino Sadame (JoJo's Bizarre Adventure)
- Guren no Yumiya (Attack on Titan)
- Kuusou Mesorogiwi (Mirai Nikki)
- Resonance (Soul Eater)
- Again (Fullmetal Alchemist: Brotherhood)
- The Day (Boku no Hero Academia)
- Connect (Puella Magi Madoka Magica)
- The Biggest Dreamer (Digimon Tamers)

Your choice of ordering them. :)

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7 months ago

Chance to earn money from music!

My name is known as set435 and while I have gotten a 1st place at a international composition competition it was online so it doesn't really count

What really matters now for me is the fact that I am making a youtube channel with chosen composers/transcribers that produce music for the musicians to play, and if you are wondering how credible these musicians are, 5 of them won international string and piano awards, most of them have played professionally, and they all absolutely love music, but they have a problem, and that problem has ignited the start of this channel.

The problem was that they got bored of all of the music they received. They spent every day going on other sites like musescore and trying to find music from anime to pop culture, but they could only find heart in composed music, which I often had to provide.

Now as they are soon approaching the college level of their lives, they need to find a good way to use of that playing to make something stand out of their applications and get into Peabody and etc.

Thus the youtube channel was created, but problem was, we don't have enough music. And due to copyright problems, we can't just grab it out of the internet.

So I am asking the musescore community today if they join in the group channel, and here how it works:

1. We choose up to 15 transcribers/composers to send us music, they have to send in music at least once every 3 months, but we can have exceptions. The music cannot be copyright striked (another artist's work)
2. The composer/transcriber is required to send in a document saying how they transcibed/composed the piece, and give tips on how to transcribe similar music. Another of the channel's purpose is to teach future composers/transcribers how to transcribe/compose so its a learning experience
3. The money from the ads (if its originall content) is split through 50% composer, 25% artist, 25% editor/camerman/recorder
4. If its a transcriber, we use a patreon account to pay based on a chart we will make later that is based on views and likes
5. The person gets paid
Even if you aren't in it for the money, its a great chance to teach beginners and a great chance to build contacts or just be famous. Remember, this is not a contract, so you can resign at any time as long you provide us a valid reason. And you even put the channel in a college application if you are a student and our sponsors can write simple letters of recommendation if you need it. 
So comment if you are interested!

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3 months ago

Spider Girl Duet
Okay so this song, is AMAZINGLY catchy, and I REALLY want to play it on my violin, but I'm not great at figuring music out myself, much less making sheet music of it. Would anyone be willing to make a composition of this?

If you want something in return I can offer free art! I do digital art (Examples here:
which can be found on the previous link, or on my DeviantArt account (ChronostheViolinist)
That's... basically all I have to give in return XD

Heck the score doesn't even have to be completely perfect, I really just need a starting point to figure it out from.

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3 months ago

The Legend of Zelda: Ocarina of Time

 Hey guys, if you haven't already seen my medleys, I highly suggest you do because what I'm asking you guys about is for a medley I'm going to be working on, which is the Legend of Zelda: Ocarina of Time.

What I'm asking you guys about an idea I've had that deals with the timeline. The idea is that for the ending of the medley, I would create two separate endings, one of the Link's success, and the other of Link's failure.

What I'm mostly asking for is just some suggestions on how I could incorporate this into the medley, some songs that I can use for the endings, and just your overall opinions.

Thank You! 

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5 months ago


can someone get me a full english version of Shakugan No Shana? i just got interested in it. i am learning japanese, but im still fairly new, struggleing, just a month or two past hiragana. PLUS, waht im using does not teach katakana, so if you can get me safe, online lessons for japanese, that would help too

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4 months ago

Hello talented musicians!

I'm just a violinist but I am enjoying all the amazing sheet music that I find here a lot. I have a youtube channel that I post violin covers of a lot of stuff I find here for fun. It is sometimes refreshing to come here to get away from politics, teaching, classical music (don't get me wrong I love classical music), and life in general and some of the talent that I find here just blows me away. If you're interested in my hobby you can check out my youtube channel called Kopikostar.

I absolutely love video games and music and this group is amazing for me, so I wanted to give a shout out here. Recently videogame wise I've been playing lots of Monster Hunter World, and Ni No Kuni 2. Those games are pretty new so I know there aren't many arrangements of music for those games yet, but the music in them is amazing!

This website keeps getting better and better, and to those of you who put so much passion into their might not mean much coming from one guy, but please don't ever stop, it's amazing. lol

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5 months ago