Unravel Percussive/Drum parts

Hey guys, I just finished an arrangement and started work on one of Unravel from Tokyo Ghoul. It will be percussion again but this one will take longer than most just cause of the shear amount of notes. if anyone is really good at writing drum set music or percussive parts let me know cause i want a collaborate and get parts for it cause that's my weak point.

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9 months ago

If anybody likes writing fanfiction...


I know that this may be taking up space on your dashboard but hear me out, okay? I've f=made a group for people who like writing video game fanfiction. Everyone is welcome. So if you're interested, please join, as I need people to submit fics to here.

Well, I hope.


(Anyone in the previous discussion will probably we interested.)

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10 months ago


Hey guys,

I'm a new face here since I usually like working alone but I figured it was time to expand my ideas a bit try working with others. I usually enjoy arranging music from Nintendo games (Earthbound, Legend of Zelda, Mario, Pokemon and other games) but I do occasionally do music from animes. Anyway, if anybody is interested, just reply here! Feel free to check out my works if you're on the edge about deciding. My favorite work I've done so far is my Link to the Past Medley for Brass Quintet and Piano.

Thank you and Tonda Gossa,
Flint W.

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a year ago

Song Help

I'm planning on arranging Goron City from Ocarina of Time, but I'm having a little trouble figuring out some of the instruments. I know that there is marimba, a cuica, and possibly congas and bongos. Any help would be great!

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a year ago

Video game medley Ideas

Now that I have finished the blizzard medley time to move on to all video games and I need some ideas of what games to put in. I know that fallout 4 music and maybe a titanfall 2 piece will be there, But I need more than just that so I'm gonna ask the community for help once again. Post your ideas for video game music and if we get enough (at least 6 or more) I will post another post of a stawpoll of witch songs you want and if that goes smoothly then I will make one more describing the winners. Also if you want post what instrument you want the music in ( and there will be a guaranteed trombone verson so please don't post trombone) and whoever has the most votes in that will have this music written for that instrument as well. So pick your favorate game music and instrument if you want and then post it and it will get it's chance in the spotlight.

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a year ago

Takt of Heroes Origin - Re:ZERO Kara Hajimeru Isekai Seikatsu

Hey there!
I would like to do a full arrangement of this epic OST called "Takt of Heroes Origin" from Re:ZERO. I've already started but it's quite difficult and so I wanted to ask if anyone is interested in a collaboration project.
If you can't remember the song, here's a direct link to it: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=RN68kxC0Vl4
It played in various versions especially in the second half of the series. For example it was used during the White Whale Battle in Ep21 and also when Subaru and Otto chase after Emilia in Ep25.

Thanks in advance!

Greetings from Germany :)

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a year ago


Anyone want to do a collaboration on a video game arrangement? It'll be my first time collaborating in a community like MuseScore :) That, and I'll make new friends here and it keeps me something to do out of boredom LOL!

My suggestions include: Starcraft II Main Theme (short ver.), Baba Yetu (from Civilization IV), Jack's Theme (from Headhunter), The Union (from Destiny), and/or The Challengers (from League of Legends). OR We can do 'Uncle Fucker' (from South Park) :p

Up for anything, really :D

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a year ago

Custom Pokemon Soundtrack Contest! Read the rules please!

I've started a
That's right, create your own main-series Pokemon themes. That means at least the following:
-Title theme
-3 town/city themes
-3 route themes
-Wild Pokemon Battle
-Trainer Battle
-Gym Leader Battle
It's legal as long as:
-Contains at least a treble clef and a bass clef
-Parts are clearly defined and separated (double barlines/text at top of page/timings in description)

Wild Pokemon Battle guide is here: https://musescore.com/groups/pokegeeks/discuss/1352521

Optional stuff:
-Preferably have percussion.
-If you used a different soundfont than the default to make the piece, link it in the description or create a videoscore.
-Loop once and fade out at end of each part (if you can't do this, just create an alternate ending or something).
-Separating parts and uploading to external website for easy downloading (in case one of your themes are so good that someone HAS to get it without opening up MS and cutting and pasting and all that)
-Bonus for 10 or more instruments! (what bonus, I don't know)
-Bonus also to amazingly clever or awesome themes. People will know it when they hear it.
-Bonus to those who do more than the required.
-Letting people know of your processes in creating the score.
-Making up town names.
-Pokemon Center
-Rival's Theme
-Rival Battle (for rival music be sure to give personality)
-Elite Four Battle
-Enemy Team Battle
-Antagonist(s) Battle
-Champion Battle
-Legendary Pokemon Battle
-SPECIFIC Legendary Battles?
-Surf Theme
-Bike Theme
-Dive Theme?
DEADLINE: June 4, 2016. Scoring period will last a week and end on January 30. Results should be announced by February 7.
IMPORTANT: To submit, simply reply the URL to the listings post. I'll make the list at Pokegeeks (https://musescore.com/groups/pokegeeks) of the pieces people submit.
The winners are chosen based on their score's favorite:views ratio.

Think of yourself playing a new Pokemon game. What music do you think you would hear at each location? If you were to make that game, what kind of personality or theme would the game have? Once you plan exactly whatever style you want, and create a melody, all you have to do is let yourself go. Or at least that works with me.

Spread the word and discuss! Let me know if I forgot anything. ^_^

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2 years ago

Forgotten Gaming Music

Basically, this is to get people to remember video game music that isn't on this site. Some that fit into this section include Doopliss's battle theme(paper mario: the thousand year door.) and the Shadow Queen's battle theme ( also from paper mario: the thousand year door). If you notice something that needs to be on this site, but you don't yet have the required skills, put it up here. Who knows? Perhaps someone will see it here and decide to create it.

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4 years ago

Ideas for a contest

Hi :) I want to host a contest with the focus more on proper orchestration than perfecting midi output. I think it would be a perfect challenge as most of the video game arrangements on MuseScore aren't formatted properly for live performance.

As for the prizes, I will be supplying them as digital downloads. Prizes will include the newly released Video Games Live: Level 5 album, exclusive VGL or Zelda: Symphony of the Goddesses conductor scores (for studying purposes only), and more! Maybe even the official handwritten score and parts to One Winged Angel -- NOT the VGO Scores version where the arranger literally copied the score, changed only 5% of the orchestration and claimed that he put tons of effort into it for his fans... But that's just my two sense into things ;) Those prizes aren't final but it's a work in progress, right?

The purpose of this contest is to promote proper orchestration writing and away from relying on midi sounds.

Let me know what you think and if you are interested in joining. If there is enough hype, I can start hosting it with a dedicated space :)

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a year ago

Kingdom Hearts Overture - Rock (The jacked version)

I'm over my 5 scores per free account, so I'll post my latest arrangement here:

I made a pimped out version of the Kingdom Hearts Overture! LOL! Below are download links to my Dropbox for free download of my arrangement (no account needed!). Please let me know what you think! Comments does help a lot with improving my music writing!


Conductor's Score (PDF format) - https://www.dropbox.com/s/oj4pkyf2ny9kqin/KH_Rock_FINAL%20SCORE_woPrelay.mus.pdf?dl=0

Audio Mockup File (MP3 format) - https://www.dropbox.com/s/ilnz3zur8k2umxr/KH_Rock%20Midi%20Mockup.mp3?dl=0

Download Score & Parts (PDF format) - https://www.dropbox.com/sh/nz78tb5mfreubfs/AAB4RKIorA3AixqmLysF2jQ8a?dl=0

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a year ago

Need help/critique on my transcription:

I'm working on a transcription for multiple songs for Howl's Moving castle, but I am inexperienced at transcribing and need as much help and feedback as possible. My goal is to be able to play this piece with the rest of the orchestra at my highschool, so it needs to be flawless.
Here is what I have so far, the songs I'm referencing are in the description:

Thanks in advance!

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2 years ago

Opinions on my arrangement(s)

Hey, everyone. I'm sure you know that lately I've been uploading arrangements of Street Fighter themes. I don't have many comments telling me what people think of the ones I've uploaded: Ken's, M. Bison's, and Dee Jay's themes. Can I get your honest opinion of what you guys think of them? I would greatly appreciate it, because I want to keep doing it, but I may stop if people just think they're total crap.

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2 years ago

New group. New piece. Need help, please.

Hey guys. You may already know that I made a new group just for Street Fighter music. I don't have any members at all except for me and one other, so I figured maybe it was time to make a new piece for the group hoping to get more members to join it.

I wanted to make it original in the sense that no one had already done something like it already and I wanted to choose something from a game that hasn't had music transcribed to musescore yet. I've found one that I like and that meets both of these self-made parameters: Necalli's theme from the new Street Fighter V.

I figure that other people might like that one too, but I'm not 100% sure that I'm right. All the same, I'm going to try and make it as close to the original as possible. First, I want your opinion on if I should go for this one piece first or if there's something else you want to hear first. I really need your honest opinion because I just don't know whether to start this theme I'm thinking about or to wait and do a different one. Could you please tell me what you think?

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2 years ago

New piece?

Hey, everyone. I'm thinking about starting to work on a new Street Fighter piece for my group. I need your help deciding what to do, because right now I'm tied between two themes: M. Bison's theme from Street Fighter 2 and Charlie Nash's theme from Street Fighter Alpha. I know I'm going to end up doing both eventually, but I want to focus on one at a time because either one is probably going to take a while to re-create. Which one of the two do you guys think I should work on first?

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2 years ago