Next Song!!! *Repost*

  Hey guys, I'm back after a bit of a hiatus for summer school and work but i can't decide on the song i want to arr. next. i have a few that I have been wanting to do but i can't seem to stay focused on just one of them. so if you all could give me some feed back on which you would like to hear that would be greatly appreciated. Take a look at my Previous arrangements and see what you would like to hear next.

Songs -
Weight of the World - Nier Automata
Sincerely - Violet Evergarden
Miraculous Autumn - Tobias Holm *will be more of a small scale duet/trio*
Ninelie - Kabaneri of the Iron Fortress
This Game - No Game No Life  

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3 months ago


Help I'm Desperate

Any1 know an anime with the magic or adventure or both genres??? I finished all 3 of the anime I was watching, need some new ones.

 I'm tired of going on YouTube and watching "Top 10 anime".

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4 months ago

introduction to east asian chord progressions (video game, anime, j/kpop etc)

Hey everyone!

I've noticed that while many people can easily lay down tutorials on the western 4 chord progression, not many sites really hone down on what makes east asian music particular in its sound. one critical aspect is their choice of chord progressions. 

I was honestly hesitant to release something like this (still am) because I'm self taught, so most of the analysis I presented here really come from how I personally understood the relationship, so I really don't know how much of what I've presented here is elementary music theory/ straight up wrong, heh. 

Nonetheless, I hope you look kindly on this, and I sincerely hope this could help out a beginner (or advanced!) musician out there who's interested in learning e.a. music.

of course, there are many other factors that contribute to e.a. music's characteristic sound, but I thought I'd focus on chord progressions for now. 

I sincerely hope this does not come off as an oversimplification of their musical styles. 

I've tried to rewrite this in musescore, but it's been a little difficult since I'm still new to it, so I thought I'd share my noteflight scores here for now until I become familiar enough with the interface.

p. 1 : IV iii vi ii V I (circle progression)

p. 2 : I vii° III vi v I7 (maj -> rel min -> maj)

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3 months ago

Looking for an Arranger for a 20-25 piece orchestra

So hey guys,

I'm Carl, and I make Sax covers on Youtube. Well that's what I used to do I suppose. About 18 months ago I started learning how to play the trumpet, then cornet, then flugelhorn, then alto horn(Piccolo Eb Tuba or like a French Horn but in Eb), and Euphonium...then I decided you know what...I wanna start an orchestra with folks all over the I did that...and that's where I am now. We debut our first songs next month. I figured, you know what, why not put some feelers out there and see if anyone has the skills and interest in taking up the arranger's seat from me, before we release our first tunes. I would say that I have already arranged or will arrange nearly half of this year's tunes, so it's not so much of a rush to find someone as it is to find the RIGHT someone. I'd like to find someone who's able to transcribe these original tunes and then help me split the parts among what we have, and also someone capable of making the tunes Unique to us and our/their sound or able to accept me being able to tweak the transcriptions after. At the bottom of this post I'll put some samples of arrangements I've done with bands and then lastly a quick sample of the first frame of our Debut arrangement, which is the trailer music used for Avengers: Infinity War. Our repertoire will consist of MOSTLY VGM, Anime Themes, and Film Scores. I would say at least 85% will be that. So yeah, if you're interested, or no someone who would be interested, please feel free to contact me. If somehow an overwhelming amount of people express interest, I will put together an audition for it. But depending on who all inquires I can have more than one person to help share the work. I also intend for this to become a paid position(I'd prefer to discuss those matters privately of course).

I'm hard at work trying to get us viola and flute soon. I got Harp today, so I earned a lil break haha. Thank you for your time and I hope to hear from you soon.

Oh this is our instrumentation by the way:
Acoustic Guitar
Electric Guitar(6-8 string)
Upright Bass
Electric Bass(4-6 string)
All the horns I mentioned that I play earlier
Orchestral Percussion(Marimba, Glock, Vibes, Timpani, et al)
Latin Percussion(Congas, Bongos, Timbales, et al)
Bass Clarinet
Baritone Sax
Tuba(CC, F, Sousaphone)
Bb/F Trombone

Here's a sample of our debut release currently about 40% finished:

Now some offbeat arrangements I've done:
(Teen Titans Go)

(Game of Thrones. in 4/4 with 90's HipHop feel)

(Phoenix Wright: Ace Attorney)

See you space cowboy!

-Carl "Sax Dragon" Catron
Leader of "Sax Dragon & The Unlimited Orchestra"

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9 months ago

Sheet for bmblb

Hey! I was wondering if anyone could create a sheet for the song "bmblb" from RWBY.

That would be increadible.  it's the only one of my favorite rwby songs that has yet to have a sheet uploaded here.

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4 months ago

Shakugan no Shana

hey I want to see how many people here have seen are is watching "Shakugan no Shana".  Ive talked to some people here about it but comment if you have or if you are watching it.  it would be interesting to see how many have.  if you haven't you should, its awesome!     XD

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4 months ago

Final Fantasy IV transcriptions Incoming!

Howdy! This is just a heads up for all of you FF nerds that I'm currently uploading the entire FFIV OST to Musescore. I'll need to make a few edits since I used an old version of the program + the actual game soundfonts for the scores, but rest assured, it will arrive very soon!

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4 months ago