Composition Competitions

Does anybody know about any competitions for young composers (high school-aged)? Since I live in Kansas, I'm able to enter the annual KMEA composition competition (I won in 2013), but I would like to enter other competitions, too. Any ideas?

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4 years ago

Bach's works

Hi all !

My name is Wandrille, I'm 15, and I'm organist. Found of J.S. Bach and baroque music, I have got a challenge: upload all the arrangement of Bach's organ works, and maybe more, like cantatas, pieces of the Well Tempered Clavier, etc. If you are interested in all those works, you can have a look at my dashboard and I would be pleased if you decide to follow me.

Thank you very much for your attention, and god bless you all !

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5 years ago

Piano Teacher

I'm trying to convince my mother to allow me to have I piano teacher. I am entirely self-taught, and have done so in an unorthodox manner meaning that I have several problems with my playing. Recently it has been hard to maintain practice as I become demotivated by my faults, hence my request for a teacher.

I had a teacher for a few weeks, but only as it was through my school, at a reduced rate and he worked also at my mother's school (she's a teacher). My teacher was all but a classical pianist, and I am only a classical pianist, meaning that didn't work out.

Since then, I told my mother I was not going to take A-level music, as my GCSE music teachers were useless, and I learned more by myself than from the syllabus, and also to allow me to take more interesting options. Because of this, she has refused me a piano teacher - she will not get me one if it is only a hobby.

I had declared earlier, rather rashly, that I would be a concert pianist due to a short-lived infatuation with the piano. Now though I realise I couldn't possibly stand up to the expectations of a concert pianist.

My mother is convinced I am a genius, due to the fact I am her son, and that I should take A-level music because I would be mad not to follow this career path. Only performance and composition interest me in music - theory and ensemble playing are wasted on me, and I wish to follow the career of what more broadly interests me, such as physics and mathematics.

In short, what should I do?

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6 years ago

Suatain pedal problems with MuseScore...

Sorry if this has already been discussed/solved but...

I have a score which needs pedal sustain twice per measure on seperate arpeggios. MuseScore allows me to drag the "Ped________|" onto the starting note for the sustain however DURING PLAYBACK, it seems to only work for the first arpeggio and none of the subsequent ones. Just wondering if anyone else has cracked this nut?

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7 years ago

Difficulty Categorizations?

I don't know how to select a difficulty level. I play from a book called "Easy Piano Classics" selected and edited by James Bastien, and I suppose my compositions are at approximately that level, too. (?)

Some examples in this collection are selections from Bach's Notebook for Anna Magdalena, Clementi/Beethoven Sonatinas, Schumann's Album for the Young - you probably get the idea. Some "good" composer's **easier** stuff.

What level would you classify these at in the proposed 1-10 system? (oh, and thanks for the invite!)

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7 years ago

Hello Andy

Hello Andy,

Thanks for inviting me to join this group, and I hope this group will grow into a wonderful networking resources for our members. I have just posted my piano arrangement of "Change My Heart O God" as a gift bringing to this party with all of you! Enjoy!

(aka classicaltone)

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7 years ago