Belated Happy New Year (Oops)

A little bit late, but I wanted to wish everyone an amazing new year. I've kind of just let this group take off by itself, and it has grown to insane proportions: over 95 scores and over 35 members. Because the group is so vast, I am currently looking for moderators to watch over the group when I'm not here (both administrative accounts are mine, for anyone confused). If you wish to help grow the group, feel free to message me or my other account, and we can work something out. Other than that, I wish y'all the best of luck in 2018, happy composing!!

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a year ago

Publishing Offer

Mandek Music Publishing is now open for score submission , we are a company specializing in music publication. We aim to flip the script on the usual dealings in the industry and allow artists to fully realize their artistic potential because we nurture rather than curb creativity.

We accept scores in these following formats: Sibelius files, Musescore files, PDF files
and handwritten files favourably in the respective order. If you have it in any other format
please indicate so that our IT team can assist you. (All submissions are done via email)

Interested parties should send a Direct Message or email us at

Redefining Music

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Young Composer's Hub

I'm hoping for this to be a collection of pieces where we can all help one another get better at music writing. All is welcome. From film scoring to arrangements, post to your heart's content. No genre is discriminated against.

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2 years ago