What do you think about these two pieces I composed?

The first one is made to be played by synthesizers/MIDI Programs, which are connected to three speakers or surround sound and is impossible to be "sung" by humans, due to it's rhythms and speed.

The second one, is a piece which is about a constant, sometimes slightly changing continuity and the breaking of this continuity (and it's written for 24 Violins)

Thx for any nice comments,
Robin Pannenberg

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22 days ago

My first time working with anything modern

hello, i know that this isn't my own composition but i would like some feedback for my arrangement of Bela Bartok's Bagatelles 1 & 2. i really want to open myself to modern music but i would like to understand first how to orchestrate in a modern style, so please inform me on what i did or didn't do in a modern style and how to improve my modern orchestration skills, and orchestration skills in general. i would like to understand more about modern music and orchestration before i take on actually writing a modern piece.

this is the arrangement : https://musescore.com/user/577426/scores/1659996

Thank you for your time c:

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2 years ago

Favorite New Composers

What are some of your favorite new composers? Personally I am really digging the avant-garde guys right now, Stockhausen, Antheil, Ornstein. I also really love Samuel Barber right now.

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6 years ago