Polytonality in Musescore

So recently, I heard about this concept called polytonality, where different parts in a piece of music would play in different keys. For example, in a string quartet the first violin will play in Ab major, the second violin will play in C major, the viola will play in Eb major, and the cello would play in F major. I thought this was pretty cool, so I decided to try this in Musescore. However, I ran into a problem when I found out that inserting one key signature would revert all of the key signatures in all of the parts into the same one. I don't want to use accidentals, since that would take a long time and be very hard to read, so does anyone have a suggestion on what I can do to get around this problem?

9 months ago

ROMANZA. Próximo Proyecto. Necesito asesoría.

En mis próximos proyectos me gustaría incluir una Romanza para Violín, sin embargo, no tengo mucha información al respecto acerca de la estructura y tal vez la orquestación debida. He comparado desde Beethoven hasta Bruch, tratando de canalizar las formas en que están plasmadas. Pero necesito ayuda, y no he conseguido encontrar a un profesor que me pueda atender. Podrían ayudarme? También me gustaría que recomendaran SoundFounts para este tipo de obras, pues los de Musescore me parecen un tanto carentes de sutileza para estas piezas(Entiendo que sean artificiales).

9 months ago

Please critique--piano solo. (two movements of a suite)

Would much appreciate all thoughts!!! Especially by you lovely more modern-minded folks.
These will be the second and third movements of a suite containing five or six movements. The first, fourth, and fifth have all been started but not completed.

I'm aware that the MIDI file could be improved. Didn't worry about the interpretation much as whoever performs it will take care of that... only notated the really essential and non-obvious things.  

11 months ago

What do you think about these two pieces I composed?

The first one is made to be played by synthesizers/MIDI Programs, which are connected to three speakers or surround sound and is impossible to be "sung" by humans, due to it's rhythms and speed.

The second one, is a piece which is about a constant, sometimes slightly changing continuity and the breaking of this continuity (and it's written for 24 Violins)

Thx for any nice comments,
Robin Pannenberg

a year ago

My first time working with anything modern

hello, i know that this isn't my own composition but i would like some feedback for my arrangement of Bela Bartok's Bagatelles 1 & 2. i really want to open myself to modern music but i would like to understand first how to orchestrate in a modern style, so please inform me on what i did or didn't do in a modern style and how to improve my modern orchestration skills, and orchestration skills in general. i would like to understand more about modern music and orchestration before i take on actually writing a modern piece.

this is the arrangement : https://musescore.com/user/577426/scores/1659996

Thank you for your time c:

3 years ago

Favorite New Composers

What are some of your favorite new composers? Personally I am really digging the avant-garde guys right now, Stockhausen, Antheil, Ornstein. I also really love Samuel Barber right now.

7 years ago