Greetings all

Beatriz here, just joined MS Pro but have been using MuseScore for the last year. I teach recorder & play in ensembles for fun. Will upload some arrangements soon. Looking forward to being in this group

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15 days ago


Hello all musescore recorder enthusiasts!

Welcome to this new group. It's my aim to make it one of the most vibrant and useful recorder groups on the web. Of course, I wish to supplement the other ones rather than compete with them.

Anyway, when you join, add a 'hello' message here to let us know about you.


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7 years ago

Hello everybody !

Hi ! I'm "Jus de fruits" or fruits juice. I'm French and my English is very bad...sorry. I joined your group today and I play recorder for 8 years. I just want to say to everybody : "Hello !" ;)

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4 months ago