I can't find very many songs for a solo violin on musescore that aren't either super fast or sound like they need an accompanist. Does anyone know any pieces? That would be great but until then I wrote this one.
Are there any violin players who could tell me how difficult that is? I want to play violin but I am still waiting for my left handed one to come in from online.
Also, if anyone wrote a polyphonic violin song could they show me? Or maybe someone wants to try to compose one? If someone does I wanna hear it.

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a month ago

I need some feedback

I'm working on a piece called Mountains Serene, and I would like some help to see where I need some work. I already know about the lack of percussion in certain spots and lack of directionality in others, but I'm not entirely sure if there's other parts that need work. All feedback and constructive criticism is welcome!

Please read the description! There is a link to the audio there (I just don't want to make dozens of YouTube videos with minor edits).

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6 months ago

NEW GROUP! This group is one of a kind! (you'll see why)

Join join join! We'll have competitions, MANY competitions, even ones you've never heard of!

Our group is a currency based group (fake currency, of course)
-If you win a competition, you will receive a handsome reward, for example, v1,000 (v is the currency symbol)
-Save up enough v's and you can buy private and custom soundfonts, which can be anywhere from v20,000 to v50,000.
-You can even buy an admin membership! (v100,000)
-There will be a Bank to keep track of your v balance.
-There will a Marketplace to use your v currency.
-You can place bets and gamble on competition entries.

About competitions:
This is Veni, Vidi, Vici. We have the most exotic and challenging of competitions (but if you're a beginner, don't worry, we'll also have competitions for you too!)

DISCLAIMER: For this currency group to work, I need a certain number of group members. If we do not receive enough members, this group WILL NOT work. So please, invite your friends, your colleagues, and let's make this the best group on Musescore.

-Thank you, Alplexle

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a year ago

Composition Survivor Season 3!

Ok guys it's finally here: Composition Survivor Season 3 and Sean and I have made a promise to all of you, that if we do not finish the season and it's our fault, we will personally follow all of you. Now that that is all good and done, I'll tell you about the game:

This entire concept is based upon the iconic reality/survival show "Survivor," but there is going to be one big difference: Instead of using your survival skills, you will use compositions! This whole game will be hosted by me and my friend Sean Greenley: This competition will have many twists and turns to always keep you on your toes.
The rules are very simple.
1. (Obviously) You must join the group to compete
2. Once you are part of the group you have to go to the discussion "Ready" and simply comment "ready" and you will become a competitor
3. When we get our 24th "ready," the games will begin with Challenge #1!
4. There will be a new and different challenge every week. The challenge might be something along the lines of: "Base a piece off of this artwork" or "create a song using only a french horn, glockenspiel, and bass ocarina in time signature 2/5." No matter what, it will always be new and exciting
5. At the end of every week, Sean and I will decide who we thought had the best composition..... and who had the worst
6. The person with the worst will be eliminated from Composition Survivor
7. For the first 7 weeks (when there are 10 people remaining), two people will be eliminated each week
8. At the beginning of the 8th week until we have only one remaining, one person will be cut each week
9. If you do not have confidence that you will be able to pull together a piece of music once a week, do not compete. There is no quitting allowed because it takes away from the enjoyment of everybody else
The winner will receive a follow from me and Sean, and both of us will favorite 10 of your scores (It will be your choice which 10).

The competition will start when 24 "ready"s have been counted. Good luck, and may the odds be ever in your favor. Join the group at

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2 years ago

200th Follower Special!

I have a song locked and loaded for my 200th follower special and all I need is 5 more before I release it. I'll give a little idea of what kind of song it might be: It's an arrangement of one of the best funk/jazz songs out there and may or may not be named after a fowl that cannot fly. Ok I've said too much

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2 years ago

So hard to be heard

Warning, this is a mild rant!

Of course, I'm more than likely "preaching to the choir," but as of late I'm becoming quite despondent over the fact that I've been able to hear so little of my body of compositions performed, and when they are it's often just a private reading.

I'm 61, and only started composing in earnest in my 40's, though I have dabbled in composition since my teens. I would so love to hear actual musicians perform my work, just one, from start to finish. I am so tired of hearing nothing but what my computer can produce. Even with the best sound fonts it's not the same.

But I will persevere. I will not give up. I will keep writing new music, and looking for kind souls to perform it. Perhaps, some day, one of my works may actually be part of a live performance. Perhaps some day.

Nuff said!

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2 years ago

What are your top ten? - Quels sont vos top ten?

Hello! It is always good to look back on our own achievements (compositions or musical arrangements) by year end to assess whether that has had the most success all styles. I invite you to share your top ten accomplishments from this discussion.

Bonjour! Il est toujours bon de faire un retour sur nos propres réalisations (compositions ou arrangements musicales) en fin d'année afin d'évaluer se qui a eu le plus de succès tous styles confondus. Je vous invite donc de partager vos dix meilleurs réalisations à partir de cette discussion.

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2 years ago


A Year of Progress Challenge

I present to you the Year of Progress Music Challenge

The rules are simple:

If you play an instrument
Find a song and sight read it
Record your self
Remember the day you played it
Then, every month on that day play it again and record it (you can practice it prior to the recording)
After you do that for a whole year (12 videos/recordings) Post it to the internet with the tag #ayearofprogressmusicchallenge
Watch/Listen to it and be amazed with how much you’ve improved

If you write music
Create a piece’
Call it “A Year of Progress” or anything you want
Divide it into 12 movements
Write one movement each month
After you write all 12 movements post it online with the tag #ayearofprogressmusicchallenge

Listen to it and be amazed with how much you’ve improved

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2 years ago

no sugar coating , don't be considerate .just say how music grabs ya!

Everything we do is a portrait of ourselves . When a student tells me Shakespeare bores him I know its becauze he is a closed dumba..and H E is boring in himself one ; who has neither truly read nor understood a word or gotten the point of the words nor does he have any idea about trope ,form ,character, rhyme,assonance ,meter or any other finer attribute of greatcreative writing nor the latin and greek texts that predate it . In a word the child (like many here just a child) is just a glob of humanness and it is waiting or needs to be civilized -! which rap in general can't or doesn't try to do . I know pop music has a long history and consider the gems of Gershwin and Billy Styayhorn amongst others very communicative . So perchance you , be merry be fair but do so please come pick the scabbard and let the dry note fall wither it may .

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3 years ago

New to the community!

Hi! I'm new to this brilliant community of composers and if you guys wouldn't mind giving some advice on my composition? (I'll add it to the group in one sec!) It would be much appreciated! Thanks!

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3 years ago