How to upload lead sheets?

Hello, I have created a bunch of jazz vocal lead sheets and I was uploading them to share with everyone, but after uploading 5 i got a message that I would have to "go pro" to upload more, plus the ones I uploaded aren't showing in the forum. Am I uploading the wrong way/into the wrong place?

2 years ago

Anyone here active?

I was excited to find this group, but a little dismayed to find so few charts. My daughter is a jazz performer and I have spent a lot of time musescore--ifying Jazz Fake sheets for her. It is nice for a performer to be able to pass out a book of charts to each gig member in their own key ... lol

Well anyway ... if there are others out there that have done the same .. .I would love to hear from you. Maybe some trading would be in order.

5 years ago