MCC #2.5 + MCJC #1 (New Contest + New Group)

While you're waiting on MCC #3, I have 2 entertaining opportunities for you.

1.) MCC #2.5!
I'm going to hold a mini-contest with an interesting twist, it's a themed contest! The theme of this contest is, the jungle. Your task is to create a song (max 5 mins) inspired by the jungle, you can include the inspiration in your description if you want. You can make the song sound like what you think the jungle sounds like, you can use Jungle-inspired instrumentation, get creative with it! Submission period will CLOSE after 6 SCORES have been submitted, so work quickly! One submission max per person!
Please add MCC #2.5 to the title.
The Scoring System will be
Musicality - 45 pt max
Jungle-inspiration - 20 pt max
Setup - 15 pt max
Practicality - 15 pt max
Creativity - 5 pt max

2.) MCJC #1!
There is a new contest on my other group, MuseScorers Community Jazz Contests (MCJC), where the contest is completely devoted to jazz inspired music. This is the inaugural contest on that group, and the submission period is now open! Go visit the group for more details!

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Well there's the link to the results, guys, let me know if it doesn't work.
Between physics, summer reading, being a section leader in my marching band, Hurricane Harvey, the 22 submissions (thank you so much!), and running this group on my own, these results were incredibly delayed, I'm truly sorry for that and I take full responsibility, I can promise that I will plan better for MCC #3.
As you may have noticed I re-branded this page, and I think it looks better and more official now.
NEW GROUP - I will dedicate a discussion to this later, but MuseScorers Community Jazz Contests (MCJC) is a new group I made, feel free to join it, it will be just like this one except solely for jazz compositions, first contest will start soon!!! Link -


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Incredibly sorry for the delay, I've been swamped, scores should be out today or tomorrow. Also, I find it much too time consuming to do the long winded feedback, those long responses are one reason the results have taken so long to come out, so I will still give feedback but now it will be much shorter.

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Hello! We are ready to start the second MCC contest! Please enter up to 2 pieces, the contest will end at 30 submissions or July 16th, whichever comes first, please do not submit arrangements, pieces submitted to last contest (unless they have been finished/drastically changed), and please add "MCC #2" to your title or the piece WILL NOT BE JUDGED, go ahead and submit your submissions to the group!

a year ago

Quick Update/Announcement

No more submissions will be accepted after 11:59 pm June 16th, please encourage others to join! Judging will begin shortly after.

a year ago

Information and Rules

(Click "Add your thoughts" to view the full information list)
So this is a new group (to be taken seriously, but also to have fun with) devoted to contests and feedback. But the only way we can make this a legitimate group is by members joining, so please join.

How to enter!
Add 1 or 2 scores to the group


2 Submissions (per person per contest) Maximum.

Please edit your title to include MCC #1 in them, for the sake of simplicity.

Any form of music accepted, we just ask a 10 minute maximum, please be smart with the length of your submission, in other words don't bore your listening audience to death :)

Please no arrangements, exceptions may be made for pieces that completely transform the song they've been modeled after.

Songs will be judged on
Musicality (45 pt max)
Instrumentation (Originality/Practicality) (20 pt max)
Setup (Please do not make your score too confusing to read) (15 pt max)
Practicality (Don't make it ridiculously hard) (15 pt max)
Song Title (just for fun, be original!) (5 pt max)

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