(another) Solo composition

A song reflecting one's first love/crush. The person thinks it's unrequited but soon realises that the other person has feelings for them too. (Not based on a true story. Or is it...)

This is a very rough (finished) version of it and I'm working on polishing it. (The only reason I made this was because I couldn't sleep at 4 AM).

Any constructive feedback is more than welcomed. Enjoy! :) 


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3 months ago

Getting to know you.

Hello! I was just wondering if you could answer these three questions. 1) Do you play an instrument? (And if so what instrument(s)) 2) What is your Favorite type of music? 3) How often are you on MuseScore? I started composing a little less than a month ago, I play Piano, French Horn, Flute, and a little Guitar. I love Classical (But I can't compose it very well.) And I am on MuseScore about twice a day to check in. If you don't feel comfortable answering the questions please don't. Thank you!


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a year ago

Really need advice!

Okay, so there's an open evening for an exhibition coming up and I said that I would play piano during the event as sort of background music. I thought I had plenty of music, but after looking through my many folders I realised I didn't have as much as I thought I did. I want to find some easy ish pieces in a classical/elegant style, possibly similar to the music of einaudi and composers alike. If you have found any really good piano solos on musescore then please post the links below! They can be original compositions also if they are in that sort of style. If you can imagine someone playing it in the background them it will be great! Thank you! And I really really hope there are some! They don't have to be yours, just if you find some then please tell me.

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a year ago

My communique

As a freshly baked group administrator, I would like to do my part to raise our group in the Musescore ranking and I appeal to every member: We belong together! We all connect one thing: We want our group to get fed up and fulfill their purpose.

I would like to take the opportunity to make a few suggestions that I think are important, because our group is supposed to be the best or already achieve great success on the way.

I would like to cultivate a musical debate culture, because music is filled with life. Nobody is to suffer because of musical-stillist preferences (special style, group, idol ...). We accept all wishes and can discuss them.

Composing Scores has the following slogan:

We create a new platform that is best for everyone and where everyone stands together.

Come to us, we will revolutionize Musescore! Our group is especially because we approach each person personally, as far as the possibilities permit.

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a year ago

Scoring for Winds-Q&A

As many of you may have noticed, Musescore has an option within the software that colors notes 'outside the playable range' of any given instrument, which is undoubtedly wrong. Errors within this feature include having too little range on certain instruments (i.e. horn and trombone) or having too large a range.

Over the past year or two, I have had the opportunity to compose for both high school ensembles and collegiate ensembles. Throughout this time I have learned a great deal about orchestration from careful research as well as trial and error when writing for wind instruments. So basically this discussion is here to throw out question about instrument ranges and what sounds best for each instrument and what to avoid.

So, what instruments do you have trouble finding good ranges to write in, or what instruments would you like to know the practical ranges for?

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a year ago


Hi everyone I hope you can critique my music, I have no musical training so please be kind . I write without following the rules, just what I hear in my mind when inspired. Also been trying to use the zerberus sfz fonts but not being able to upload giving me an error without description after processing the file using the new Musescore version but exporting to wav file has no issues so I don't know if any of you have similar issue?

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a year ago


I was wondering if we should have a contest inside our small group. If you think this is a good idea please comment. If this is a bad idea state your point. Thank you.

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a year ago

You've probably done all these dumb things - THE ULTIMATE LIST

1. When you're playing something in sonata form, you don't pay attention at the recap and you end up going back to the bridge at the exposition. But by the time you realize you made that mistake it's too late.
2. When there's that one spot in a piece you're practicing that needs just a little bit of work, so you practice it. But then it starts getting worse and worse and WORSE. Like WHYYYYYYYYY???
3. When you just simply zone out while you're playing and then when you remember that you're playing you don't know where the heck you are. So you just end up depending on muscle memory, which sometimes doesn't last very long
4. When you just can't remember how many times you did some repeat. Like you could already have repeated something five times and on the sixth time around you're like: Did I do that repeat or no? I'll just do it just in case I didn't.
5. (maybe this is just me) When you listen to a recording of yourself playing and it's the crappiest thing you've ever heard (I'm pretty sure I'm not actually THAT HORRIBLE cause I went to a festival and got second place, which wasn't as horrible as I thought I'd get)
6. If you play in a wind ensemble or orchestra: you weren't sure when to come in so you looked at one of your section mates to check if you were right. But then they come in and you miss your entry. Or they came in the wrong place (and dragged you with them) and you two make fools of yourselves because sometimes the conductor has to stop everyone because of it. Or they were also looking at you to see where the entry was and now you're both lost
7. If you and someone else play the same piece, it somehow ALWAYS sounds better when they play it. For me, I thought I just sucked at piano until I realized all my friends felt the same way.
8. If you're in lessons: You've practically perfected a piece after practicing it and practicing it and PRACTICING IT at home. You run it through a few times without any mistakes. Then you play it at your lesson in front of your teacher and screw up EVERYTHING. And he/she gives you that disappointed look and tells you that you should practice more. And you're just like "okay", but inside you're like "WHY, I PRACTICED SO MUCH! IT WAS PERFECT!!! AAAAAAAAAHHHHHHHHH!!!! " But of course you don't tell your teacher that because you're way too embarrassed to let them know you spent so long on a piece and the final product was the crap you presented to them
9. When you tell yourself you're going to be productive when you practice that day but you end up just screwing around and playing random stuff because you're too lazy to actually practice
10. When you hear a new piece you're going to be playing for the first time and it's so fast that you're positive it's impossible to even get near that speed. Next thing you know: you're 50 beats over the tempo limit for the piece
11. When someone talks to you while you're playing but you don't want to stop, so you try to talk and play at the same time. It never works, yet you keep trying to do it.
12. When someone wants to talk to you but you're playing so they just stand there awkwardly waiting for you to finish. You didn't want to stop in the first place, but now you're forced to because it's just getting too awkward.
13. When you're playing and you feel a sneeze coming. So you you try to play and sneeze at the same time. Like trying to talk and play at the same time, it never works, yet you never learn your lesson.
14. When you cram so much practice in that the next day your whole arm is sore and you can't even hold a pencil (if you've never had this then try playing the first and third movements of Beethoven's Pathetique sonata for three hours straight).
15. When you try to play with cold fingers. It's like they're sticks that are frozen solid, and everything you play just sounds SO BAD (especially fast parts)

For wind players, 11 and 13 may not apply to you. Though I've had those moments multiple times while playing the piano, I don't think I've ever had to sneeze while playing my clarinet and I DEFINITELY haven't tried to talk and play at the same time.

Also, please comment on how relatable this list was. I come up with these by myself (I don't get them from anywhere). It's just that when I ask my friends about these things they can all relate, so I'd thought it would be fun to share them with you guys as well so we can all have a good laugh.

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a year ago

Q&A: Writing for Horn

I have played horn for almost 11 years, and played in amateur and professional ensembles alike, and one thing that I have discovered is that many composers don't understand how to write for horn (commonly called 'French Horn' in English speaking countries; FYI, its not French)/ It seems that among teachers and composers the horn is a mystery.

Questions I am frequently asked are:

1) What is a horn's playable range?


2) How fast can horn player play?

and while I can give answers to these that are highly detailed, the simple answers are

1) It depends on how skilled the player is, but as a rule the horn has a 4+-octave range.


2) Again it depends on how the skill level of the intended players


any questions on writing for horn, ask away, and I'll try to get back in a timely manner.

Also, on a soapbox here:
When scoring for horn, never write 'French Horn' on the part. It isn't French. Always label the part (for modern horn playing) as 'F Horn' or Horn in '. This refers to what key the instrument is in. Only England, the United States, and Australia call it a French Horn. Every other country calls it a'Horn'.

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a year ago

A few questions...

I had a few questions about MuseScore for you today.
1) Are Admins able to invite people to groups? Or just the owner?

2) Can you have a default Audio Source for your song if you have Pro?

Thanks for your time!

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a year ago

Constructive Criticism

Hello! I am Stephen Burden, a new-ish composer. I'd really like some feedback on some of my pieces. A lot of people tend to look at my scores, but not give any commentary, so I don't always know if I'm doing things right or wrong as a composer. Any feedback you all could give me would be great, and if you'd like some criticism on your pieces, comment and tell me so and I'd be glad to go check out what you all have written. Thanks!

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a year ago


Does anyone know how to work with soundfonts? I have one on my newest piece but, it's not showing up on the site but it does work in the actual program for musescore.

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a year ago