The Gods and Titans

Feb 13, 2014

I have recently started a suite titled: “The Gods and Titans”
I have been working diligently on this Suite and I want to show off the work I have put in to making this one of my most ambitious, and yet rewarding, projects to date.
You can view all of them using these links:

My First movement in the suite, dedicated the god Hephaestus-

My Second movement, which, I must unfortunately say, is still incomplete; dedicated to the god Hermes-

My Third, and what I consider being one of my greatest pieces, Athena-

And finally my most recent addition to my suite, Prometheus, The Bringer of Knowledge-

I’d love to hear what the general public thinks of my suite as of right now!
Thank you everyone so far for making this one of my most successful projects to date!


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