List of scores to do

The Farthest Land: Done
Sky Burial: Done
Prologue: Done
Prohibited Art: Done
Commandment: ==> ***NEXT***

Sign of the Colossus: Done
Grotesque Figures: Done
A Violent Encounter: Done
Revived Power: Done

Lakeside: Done
In Awe of the Power: Done
Green Hills: Done
Creeping Shadow: Done
Gatekeeper of the Castle Ruins: Done
The Opened Way: Done

Black Blood: DONE (finally)
Silence: Done
A Closed Off City: Done
A Despair-filled Farewell: Done
Liberated Guardian: Done
Prayer: Done

A Messenger From Behind: Done
Counterattack: Done

Resurrection: Done
Sanctuary: Might not do it in the end unless someone request it
Demise of the Ritual: Done
The End of the Battle: Done
Idol Collapse: Done
Wander's death: Done

Final Battle: Done
A Pursuer: Done
Premonition of Revival: Done
Epilogue: Done
Swift Horse: Done
Hope: Done
The Sunlit Earth: Done
Memories: Done

a year ago