Uploading Sheet Music

Hi, I'm Kayla! I would love to upload sheet music into the group but I guess the only problem is, I'm not sure how. I'd really appreciate it if maybe one of you can walk me through the steps to upload? Thank you!! ๐Ÿ˜Š๐Ÿ˜Š๐Ÿ˜Š

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8 months ago

Story time!


It's been quite a while since this group has been active so here's a game for us to play. It's inspired by MaeThePirate and Agate817's discussions. Here are the rules:

- Post one sentence at a time.
- No pictures or videos.
- No bad language (cussing or inappropriate humor)
- Have fun!

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10 months ago

Star Wars Piece Competition Group!


After competing in a few competitions myself, and posting less on MuseScore since I've moved to Sibelius, I've decided to create my own competition. And it's to create a song based upon my favorite film franchise of all time, Star Wars!!!!

If you are interested, here are the rules:

(Also, there is no deadline yet so there is no need to be rushed!)

1. Has to be a CONCERT ORCHESTRA TEMPLATE. You can add instruments to it (synths, choir, etc.) but you have to use the template
2. Has to be in excess of 1 minute.
3. Has to have some sort of theme (blended in, or just out there) from the original music.
4. You have to credit John Williams (that's a no-brainer, just to put it out there though)
5. As always, be original! Throw your own flair into the music.

If you choose to submit ย a piece, may the force be with you.ย 


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9 months ago

Classic 70's, 80's, 90's

So I am very new to discussion groups here in Musescore but I was very interested in hearing what 70's, and 80's songs primarily would sound amazing in an Orchestral arrangement! Every year at the school I attend, we have a pops concert in the spring and I have the honor of composing a piece! I'd love to hear suggestions!

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a year ago

Hans Zimmer's (and John Powell's in the first) Kung Fu Panda Soundtrack: Why is it not as popular as his Pirates of the Caribbean soundtrack?

I have had this thought, and nearly complaint, that Hans Zimmer's Kung Fu Panda soundtrack is not as popular and critically-acclaimed as his Pirates of the Caribbean soundtrack.
Why is that?

I mean, POTC is real, as in not animated, while KFP is animated, but that shouldn't make THAT big of a difference, should it?
Just listen to The Battle of Legends, for example. It's extremely epic, and so he's so articulate with his percussion and foley.

Also, what is probably the most frustrating part for me is you literally cannot find hardly ANY sheet music, let alone piano sheet music. I have tried arranging, but that's not as good as if there was professional sheet music, printed by Hal Leonard, for example. They publish the Pirates of the Caribbean piano sheet music.

Why do you think all this, and more, is so?

Let me know what your thoughts are in the comments.


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a year ago

A Million Dollars, but...

Hey, everyone!
It seemed to be a little bit quiet in here, so I thought that we could play a little game! ^^
Don't worry, it's simple. All you have to do is to answer the question with yes/no and maybe add some positive/negative thoughts to it.
Feel free to add your own scenarios as well. ^^

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a year ago

It's a little quiet over here...

I noticed that not very many people are participating in or posting discussions here in the MuseScore Discourse Group. Feel free to post random stuff like conversation starters, fun facts, jokes, etc. Also feel free to advertise your own groups, ask for feedback on your scores, and post your music! I'd love to hear from you all :D

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a year ago

I've made a group!!

Yeah I decided to make a group it's sorta like a competition group but the challenges I give aren't actually competitions but just timed musical ideas that people comment on at a specific time. So if you feel like you need some ideas just want to make a song in a short time or just hang out and talk this group is for you!

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a year ago

Videogame Soundtracks

I'd like to know how many people listen to videogame soundtracks and take inspiration from them and if so what ones have you been listening to recently or are your personal favourites. I'll start of by saying that videogame soundtracks act as the main music I listen to I've currently been listening to the Cuphead, Pokemon sun/moon, and Miitopia soundtracks. My personal favourites are Disgaea 4, Rhythm Heaven DS, Transistor, Bastion, Touhou and Phoenix Wright.

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a year ago


Hey guys! What are you guys all dressing up as for Halloween????? I'm going to be Annabeth Chase from the Percy Jackson book series! My sister Hope is going to be Thalia! What about you guys???? :)

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a year ago

Really need advice!

Okay, so there's an open evening for an exhibition coming up and I said that I would play piano during the event as sort of background music. I thought I had plenty of music, but after looking through my many folders I realised I didn't have as much as I thought I did. I want to find some easy ish pieces in a classical/elegant style, possibly similar to the music of einaudi and composers alike. If you have found any really good piano solos on musescore then please post the links below! They can be original compositions also if they are in that sort of style. If you can imagine someone playing it in the background them it will be great! Thank you! And I really really hope there are some! They don't have to be yours, just if you find some then please tell me.

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a year ago