My weird music preference (o.O)

I'm sure many of you has had the experience of Instantly liking a song upon your first listen and not being able to get it out of your head. This has happened several times during my life. However, as I grew to learn more about music I realized that all of those songs I liked, even as really young, were composed in the key of E-major. Have anyone of you experienced something like this? (Just felt like sharing my thoughts).

2 years ago

My composition, any tips and tricks?

Musescore is complicated to use, I've uploaded a score on here to show ya I'm really scrapin' by.
Is there any way to fix a mistake from the beginning of the piece without totally messing up everything I've gotten so far? That's my main reason for this post, I made a nasty mistake in the second measure, second or third.

2 years ago

My top 5 tips to improve your scores.

1: Make your own signature style.

I see it all the time, the same Musescore default style everywhere. If you want your score to stand out in a sea of sheets you'll want to change the style to your own preferences, play around with line thickness, distanses, sizes, fonts and so on. If you are not sure what to aim for, check out some sheets in your local music shop or on internett. Remember to save your style after making it.

2: Layout

Be sure to not cramp to much into one stave/staff or put to many staves/staffs in one page. You wouldn't deliver a messy overfilled CV to an employer, the same applies to sheet music. people will be more reluctant to play or even listen to your music if it does not look as good as it sounds. Sorry, people do judge by appearance whether you like it or not, might as well play it to your advantage. I recommend 4 or 5 Grand staves/staffs in each page as a default, and try to have a full last page.

3: Add the details.

The devil is in the details, while something may seem insignificant to you it might be of great importance to someone else.

First off, add the appropriate tempo marking, add this a little above the first measure. you can use English or Italian terms after the BPM marking to add a mood description to your score that will give the player an idea of how the score is supposed to feel. You can also add different tempo changes throughout your score.

You'll want to add fingering hints to the notes. This dosent mean that you should add fingerings to every note in the the entire score, but instead a few selected passages that you might have found difficult to play, the person playing your music will appreciate it.

Also add Dynamics, including crescendos or decrescendos, to show where to increase or decrease volume, and If a note is supposed to be played louder than others, add an accent ( > ).
For more info on Ornaments feel free to ask me :)

Lastly, if your music is supposed to be played with pedal then add pedal markings to your score, and be sure to show where to put down the pedal or raise it. If use of the sostenuto or Una corda pedal is required, make a note of that too.

4: Keep it tidy and clean.

I dont know about you, but few things bugs me more than crescendo lines or markings of any kind overlapping with each other and the notes. it looks messy, unprofessional and worst case scenario unreadable.

Be sure to place fingering markings as close to the selected note as possible, but try to avoid putting them in the stave/staff lines, the same goes for Crescendo lines, 8va lines, dynamics, pedal lines, trills, texts and tempo markings. If you need more space between staves/staffs use a spacer. Though, there are exceptions to every rule so don't be too paranoid like me :)

5: Don't leave behind empty measures.

Honestly... do I need to say more. It wastes space, paper, printer ink and looks horrible. Also Try at all cost to avoid having only one or two measures on the last page of the score, if you can't
comfortably squeeze them into the previous page without making it awkward then play around with the layout until you figure it out. no one wants to waste a paper sheet on 1 or 2 measures.

2 years ago

Really need advice!

Okay, so there's an open evening for an exhibition coming up and I said that I would play piano during the event as sort of background music. I thought I had plenty of music, but after looking through my many folders I realised I didn't have as much as I thought I did. I want to find some easy ish pieces in a classical/elegant style, possibly similar to the music of einaudi and composers alike. If you have found any really good piano solos on musescore then please post the links below! They can be original compositions also if they are in that sort of style. If you can imagine someone playing it in the background them it will be great! Thank you! And I really really hope there are some! They don't have to be yours, just if you find some then please tell me.

2 years ago

Sorry guys...

I'm currently unable to put out any more sheet music as my Mac crashed. My 100 followers special must wait along with many others scores. Thank you to all followees.

2 years ago

My own composition... meanings?! ...

I love to play the piano and so, I had the idea, to compose an own melody. But... I am not an expert in the theme music. So I would have some meanings for my play. It is my first one and called "Doric Prelude".
It is in the 'sheet music' in this group.

Please get some feedbacks.
Many thanks previously.

2 years ago