Hello! I am ready to start the first ever MCJC contest! Please enter 1 piece only, the submission period will end once 15 pieces have been submitted, please do not submit arrangements(unless they have been drastically changed), and please add "MCJC #1" to your title or the piece WILL NOT BE JUDGED, go ahead and submit your submissions to the group!
Please consult the Information and Rules post, or ask in the comments below, if you have any questions.
Failure to follow rules will result in disqualification and your piece being deleted from the group.

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Information and Rules!

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So this is a new group (to be taken seriously, but also to have fun with) devoted to contests and feedback. But the only way we can make this a legitimate group is by members joining, so please join.

How to enter!
Add 1 score to the group
Please do not do so until the submission period for the first contest have started


1 Submission (per person per contest) Maximum.

Please edit your title to include MCJC #1 in them, for the sake of simplicity.

Any form of JAZZ music accepted (examples: swing, big band, small ensemble, funk, latin, etc. feel free to ask questions), we just ask a 10 minute maximum, please be smart with the length of your submission, in other words don't bore your listening audience to death :)
Please no arrangements, exceptions may be made for pieces that completely transform the song they've been modeled after.

Songs will be judged on
Musicality (45 pt max)
Instrumentation (Originality/Practicality) (20 pt max)
Setup (Please do not make your score too confusing to read) (15 pt max)
Practicality (Don't make it ridiculously hard) (15 pt max)
Song Title (just for fun, be original!) (5 pt max)

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