It’s Been A While Y’all! (And Here are some tips for debating!)

Hello Abortion Debate Group!

I know the last action in this group was my addition of a discussion asking where everybody has been, and that maybe that should have been my cue to give up, but the matters we were discussing are too important to just stop discussing without resolution.

Though maybe I wasn’t specific enough last time, so this time I’m also bringing up a specific issue: HOW we argue.

Something that tends to happen a lot (especially in my fellow Pro-Lifers), is that the way we argue just sort of falls flat. We know we’re right, and that they’re wrong, but we don’t know HOW or WHY. In Pro-Choicers, it leads them repeating their thesis statement (see Tucker Carson’s interview with the VP of Planned Parenthood) or just jumping to the rape issue, and it leads Pro-Lifers to jump to “you’re killing babies!” or “it has a heartbeat at 8 weeks!” So, here are some tips to make your debating endeavors go a bit more smoothly.

1) DO YOUR RESEARCH. It seems that a lot of people revert to the arguments I mentioned above because they may not know anything else. I’m sure you can look of several arguments for every single facet of abortion.
2) PICK THE RIGHT ARGUMENT. Don’t respond with an unrelated argument. Just use your logic. If somebody says, “Yes I understand, it’s just that rape is a totally different situation than a drunken indiscretion,” your opponent probably won’t like it much if you just respond, “Well, an unborn baby has a heartbeat at eight weeks...”
3) DO BOT BLINDLY ACCEPT THE PREMISE. If somebody tells you, “You’re Pro-Life, huh? Why don’t you care about the school shootings and the suicide rate? You don’t show as much concern for those!” What weak arguers tend to do is say something along the lines of “well, I don’t show those particular signs of caring because...” when what they really should do is make their opponent explain their argument. If you do this, your opponent will eventually reveal their faulty premise, in this case: because you aren’t debating these issues, you don’t care. This would be bogus because there are several situations that you really care about what happens, it’s just that you can’t really do anything about it.
4) REMAIN CALM. Usually, whoever is getting more emotional is the one who is losing. When people can’t win with logic, they resort to emotion. If you are right, you can with logic alone. The reason why the media hates Pro-Lifers may be because all they ever seem to hear is “you’re baby killers! You’re going to burn in Hell!” as opposed to a more understanding approach such as “we are Pro-Life because of love. We simply believe that choosing life is better spiritually, mentally, and physically for all, and this is why.”

I hope these tips help, and if you have any questions or more tips, please comment! DO NOT LET THIS GROUP DIE!

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7 months ago

Where has Everybody Been?

Hi guys!

I joined the group to try to debate and spread my point of view on these issues, but I don't think anybody's posted anything on this group since I commented on the "game plan" discussion just a little less than three months ago. That would make me think the unlikely scenario that I somehow ended the debate...which I know is very far from the truth.

I'm sure there are a bunch of you out there unsatisfied with the arguments just doesn't seem that way when the debate suddenly stops....

Perhaps we can continue the conversation on some of our discussions?

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a year ago

Abortion methodes

Here is a link to a site that describes all the abortion methods used today. At the bottom of the page is a link to actual footage. For the Kid's on Here I would highly recommend asking your parents to watch the real footage as it could be disturbing. There is no real footage in the website itself, but there are links to it.

What do you all think?

I personally think D&X (partial abortion) is especially barbaric.

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I'll be leaving :(

Hi, I've thought about it And tomorrow I'll be leaving this group.

I joined it because I was hoping for a intellectual and respectful discussion about this. Not for what it got into: an irrational argument. I experienced this once on a news site when I was fool-hearty enough to express my opinion there. needless to say it didn't go very well.

While this wasn't nearly as bad as that news site. It is also because I have a tendency to get a little to much in an argument - as I noticed I was starting to do.

so cya It was nice talking with you all.

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