Operation: Make Someones Day

Hi Everyone! I thought Maybe once a week we pick a new composer here on musescore and Bombard them with positive feedback on their scores and maybe even email them something kind; if they seem into the whole muse score idea, gift them pro account , or even just follow them and keep up with them for a while! It could rely help make musescore a better program for composers, and make sure we don't miss a Mozart from not noticing them or not giving them positive feedback and encouragement to continue. even if they aren't the best, We aren't all prodigy's anyway! I say we give it a try!
BTW Make sure we are all complementing the same composer/arranger at the same time so they feel set aside and special. Lets see if we can give 5 emails 50 comments and 20 followers to a new composer every week!
Don,t be afraid to participate because no one knows who you are; Its the Internet!
And it's also what people should be doping anyway, Just to Make The World a better place!
I promise You Won't regret It!
Kolbe Oesterle.

P.S. We Can Do The same Person more than once if we decide to, but lets try not to attack the same person too often! we wouldn't be doing much for the overall of musescore, just 1 person; think a week each.
P.P.S. We can probilly do some of the first people for either longer or do them again while the program grows.

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a year ago