Hello....  Okay I don't know what to say about all this, but I do like the idea of the group, here is my latest piece that I've composed.  If it doesn't fight the atmosphere of the group, just ask and I'll leave.  If not or it doesn't matter, then please give me feed back about it.  Please, search for bits that can be improved.


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8 months ago

When and why did you start composing?

Hey guys! Sooo...just a discussion to get this group going :D When and why did you decide you wanted to write music?

So for me I started in March 2016. I had a dream and heard music in my head, and I was mind blown and was like, wow, I actually COMPOSED something! So I was in a pretty good mood until I went downstairs to the piano to play my piece and realized I didn't remember any of it at all. So I was pretty annoyed and was like, fine. I'm gonna compose something right now to make up for my lost piece. And so I finished my (terrible) first composition that day. I thought that was the end of composing for me, but then I figured I could use something to help convince my parents to let me continue piano. And so ya...I ended up liking it so I'm still doing it today...

I still can't remember my dream music. It frustrates the crap out of me. Like it's always at least a million times better than what I make when I'm awake, and I could say some of the stuff I've heard in my dreams was the most amazing and uplifting music I've ever heard in my life. But then I've got not knowing anything about orchestral writing to deal with...lol just getting off topic now. But I've already typed so much lol

Soooooo.......share your thoughts?

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a year ago

Potential Growth

I know this group has been sitting around for a while with like 4 or 5 members so I sent out a lot of messages inviting people and created discussions in some other appropriate groups. Please share this with people, as I would love to see what other people have that falls into this category!

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9 months ago

Hey guys!!

Thanks for inviting me into this group!!
So...like you, I'm also a teenaged amateur composer :D
And ya, I agree that music can be very powerful. I can always count on it to make a crappy day a lot less crappy :D

Who else have you invited?

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a year ago