Imagine if you could save lyrics with midi (Karaoke files) and export as 2 options: "KAR file (MIDI File with lyrics)" and "KAR file with chords"

This is a request that goes back to at least 2015 and I have formally requested this feature again (see ) - to create KAR files, and kar files with chords. This would allow us to use a real Karaoke Player, such as the free van Basco player ( ) app for practice, performance, learning, teaching, audience sing-along, etc. It's high time for this feature after 10 years.

Do you realize the numbers of  school teachers, and church choir leaders would would find this useful for teaching, conducting parishioners, choruses etc.? And why not lyrics from several voices simultaneously? Why, people might even have FUN with these files (heaven forbid)!!

Do you realize how useful these files could be with karaoke software?! I am a programmer and I see the arguments as "beside-the-point" and not at all insurmountable.  In fact, there may be no reason why more than one part's lyrics couldn't be saved and scrolled in a karaoke app in parallel.

Read my request where I address the programmer's objections. With all the lyric-typing I do I am disappointed/insulted that I can't export the lyrics with the midi. I have searched high and low and the closest software I can find to a solution is Serenade ( ) which is far from as perfect for this as MS would be. Please help promote the idea at (see ) !!

a month ago

I'm new, and I have questions...

Hello. I have been looking around for a group where I can post some scores that i have ideas for. I don't have them yet, but the reason i plan to make them is for some very special projects. There will be one score WAY more important than the rest (though i wont tell anyone why just yet) and i just want to make sure they are safe. If anyone stole any of the scores i plan to make, (well I'd be a flattered) but i would probably sob for hours and never write a score again. I just kinda want to make sure this group is safe and was wondering if there are any steps i can take, besides copyright, to protect my scores from thieves. 

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personally, coming from RSA, i expected this group to be bigger
either way, you just gained another member :DDDD

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Welcome to my group for everything!!! If you are a gamer? Post your soundtrack or game music scores! If you are a classical musician, Post your arrangement of Tchaik's Rococo variations for a alpine longhorn if you wish! If you aren't sure of what you just created... Post it here!!! Trust me, I enjoy the weird and unusual and original. So Welcome, And have fun!!!!!!
~Kristi Roller

a year ago

300 Follower Special

So, I just hit the big 300 mark!
What should I do? I Was thinking of revamping/ finishing the old old old Phantom of the opera string quartet I had done a million years ago Lol
So If you have a suggestion of a piece I should arrange, or an interesting idea for an original, Then feel free to share!

a year ago

A few questions about a jazz song I started today

This is probably gonna be way too long...
Here's the piece I'm talking about, it's in concert pitch just for the sake of simplicity.

1.) Chords
I got started on it by actually making stuff up on trumpet rather than sitting at a computer like I usually do, so I didn't really have a chord progression in mind when making it. I think I did an Ok job (yeah right) of making one for the first part (The Cm7-Edim-FM7-Em7, Cm7-Edim-EbM7-Dm7 one), but I'm lost after that. There are parts that don't seem like they could go with any chord, and I'm still a bit of a rookie to writing music so I'm not sure what I should make the chords to those parts. My bigger problem with the second part is that I don't want it to just be a bunch of random chords with no sense of direction. There needs to be a progression, right? But it doesn't seem like the melody I wrote is following one. Any help on that front would be MUCH appreciated.

2.) What do I do with this piano?!
I know that the piano should be doing something other than just playing whole note chords the whole time the trumpet is playing, but I can't figure out what it is for the life of me. If I try to make things different in the piano, it doesn't seem to blend well with the trumpet. If I just have whole note chords, the piano part is boring, and also sort of interrupts the trumpet during ties over barlines. I didn't have all that much time to experiment with this today, so I just put it all as whole notes temporarily.

3.) Harmon
When I was first coming up with the melody, I was playing with a harmon mute. Obviously a real instrument will always sound better than a simulated one, *cough* musescore trombone soundfont *cough* but I think that the sound of the musescore version would be a lot better with a muted trumpet rather than an open one. So, if anyone knows if there is a trumpet w/ harmon mute soundfont on musescore, please let me know.

Alright, thanks in advance!

a year ago


Has anybody else done a thing where they find one random instrument, go "Hey this sounds cool" and then suddenly bam you have a song in front of you without meaning to make one of the sort?

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