Pedal marking question

With reference to the score for "Fantasia" for Harp in C Minor (Opus 35)
( I transcribed this directly from the original manuscript so I kept all the original pedal markings. As you will see on the transcription, there are pedal markings. Ab, C#, etc... There is one in particular that has really got me confused. There is repeated use of the "H♮" (e.g., see measure 54). How can this be? What is it for? Thanks!

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6 years ago

A question about accidentals

What/or is there a general rule when writing/arranging for Harp regarding accidentals? Specifically when encountering a half-step outside the key of the piece (e.g., 'C' followed immediately by 'C#'. In this case, should the 'C#' be written as 'D♭'?). Are there some general rules I can follow to make it playable for the harpist? Thanks!

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5 years ago

Assistance requested


I'm not a harp player; I simply like the way many of the arranged pieces sound with the MuseScore Harp soundfont (I mean the one called "GeneralUser GS.sf2" Soundfont by S. Christian Collins Software from and not the native MuseScore SoundFont wich soulds rather "Toy-Like").

I do understand that only 4 fingers on each hand are available for a given chord so I have been careful in my arrangements to preserve that restriction. I do not however have a good grasp (pardon the pun) on the manual reach available at any given measure. I know verry little else about this beautiful instrument and would appreciate any guidance harpist to ensure that my arrangements are playable and still retain their musical character.

Thank you!

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6 years ago