The Songs with Guitar/banjo.

This is a list of songs that I believe have guitar/banjo. (Banjo Credits go to @TheRealDjimbo)

Die House.
Botanic Panic. (Ban.)
Ruse of an Ooze. (Ban.)
Floral Fury. 
Clip Joint Calamity. (Ban)
Inkwell Isle 1 (Ban.)
Inkwell Isle 2.
Sugarland Shimmy.
Carnival Kerfuffle.
Fiery Frolic.
Legendary Ghost.
Pyramid Peril.
Victory Tune.
Shootin' 'n' lootin'.
Dramatic Fanatic.
Murine Corps.
Junkyard Jive.
High Seas Hi-Jinx.
Railroad Wrath.
All Bets are Off.
Inkwell Hell.
The King's Court.
Admission to Perdition.
Winner Takes All
Closing Credits.

a month ago


Hey guys, I plan on doing introduction and winner takes all! (Im doing winner takes all! From scratch and introduction using the king's court as a base)

4 months ago

Closing credits

Hi, I didn't know if anyone had done closing credits yet, Ive pretty much finished mine, just have to fix bass and add tap dancer

4 months ago