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Hi everyone I’m new here so anyways, hi my name is Joshua but I prefer josh, I’m 14 and in 8th grade and bout to be a freshman on June 12th, I’m gay and a violinist and I’m also Jewish so I like playing a lot of music like hatikvah or shinliders list themes. If you wanna talk then u know where to find me

6 hours ago

If you had to

Yea I admit, it's kinda morbid but I was talking about this topic with some friends and it was acc hilarious. So here's the question: If someone told you they are going to kill you, how and when would you prefer to die? I'll let a couple people answer before I let out my secret...

(Owner/admins if this is inappropriate, feel free to just tell me...I completely understand lol)

4 days ago

How old are you?

I know this is a little personal! I know we have a lot of different age groups, some in high school, and some 16,teens, and grown ups! I will tell you my age, but you’ll think I’m too young to be here, and too young to be in charge of some groups! I’m 11 years old, in 6th grade, and some of you know that I’m in a relationship, but who cares if I’m too young(my younger sister that’s who!) You don’t have to share your age here if you don’t want to!

2 months ago

So sorry!

So my school just had spring break, and I went to Branson, Missouri. And the hotel had no good WiFi. So poor me. So then I didn’t get to check out Musescore for a couple of weeks.

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Bored I don’t know what to do!?! Help me!!!

2 months ago

Randomn question

This is a randomn question and weird question. So yeah anyways! What’s did you dream last night or daydream?
I dream of a me going on a cruise. Weird dream but ok.

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Name's John! So glad to be a part of your group! And wow you're good at finding awesome backgrounds!

I play the Piano, Guitar, Ukulele, Ocarina, and Jaw Harp. I sing, and act as well.

3 months ago


So guys I won’t be on MuseScore for a while, I have lots of things to do! While I’m not here just try to behave( I sound like a teacher lol) I mean like just follow the rules! Thank you guys! I will miss you!
Also Legendian I accidentally removed you from Music Buddies! It was a accident! I was trying to make you a admin, but I removed you. Sorry!

2 months ago