I am looking for theme for an imaginary annual award ceremony for animation. If you are interested please say so. If you already have a piece in mind, get it to me asap. Thanks. Also the name is the Spring Creek Awards for Animation, if it helps. I would prefer a fanfare, but anything goes.

a month ago

New name

There is already a group called anime music so we are going to change ours. Please post some ideas we will vote on it. If your name wins you will be put on the description of the group.

2 months ago

Name change?

There's another group named "Anime Music," so shouldn't we change this group's name?

2 months ago

We need music

If anyone has good music they are proud of please put it here. We have almost 50 members but only one piece of music.

2 months ago


Does anyone want a piece of music for a certain instrument ?

3 months ago