Arrangement for Concert Band: Bruckner 4 - Scherzo III.

Hi, I'm currently working on an arrangement and I would like to hear your opinions. It is still in progress so there will be a few "to do" things.

I'm making this arrangement for my ochrestra in The Netherlands, so I run in a few problems: There are no oboes and some other sections are not that strong. 

Thanks for listening! And if you have tips let me know!

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11 days ago

Looking for feedback on two interesting pieces I wrote

Hey guys! I’m looking for feedback on two pieces I wrote, both of which are very modern, unique, and my best pieces in my opinion. The two pieces are very different: one of them is a long piece for concert wind ensemble, and the other is a short lament written for just three strings. Anyways, I’d really appreciate any comments on these, and the links to them below. If you like what you hear, feel free to listen to or comment on my other music, as well:

Thank you! Have a great day!

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16 days ago

I'd really appreciate any and all feedback for this arrangement of "Phantom of the Opera"

I'm new to the group, and I need feedback on my recently finished (sort of) arrangement of Andrew Lloyd Webber's "The Phantom of the Opera", taken from the musical of the same name. I would especially appreciate criticism about the accuracy of the piece, as my goal was to get as close as possible. Please note that orchestrations, dynamics, and lyrics are all works in progress, and I need to finish the electric guitar parts for the ending. Thank you.

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17 days ago

HELP! New Super Mario Bros. - Ground and Desert Theme (WIP)

Hey, I'm trying to make a super accurite (not just cool, ACCURITE) arrangment of Fresh Bread's NSMBW music. However... I CAN'T GET IT RIGHT!!! It sounds almost perfect, until I listen to the original song. I am especially having trouble with the Desert theme. It's so, so close - but not there yet. If you would like to help me find the right, absolutely perfect sounds for this song I WILL CREDIT YOU! Also, I will say thank you. Also, God will see your act of kindness and reward you. Also... I can't think of anything else. Help? Anyone?
Link to my score:
Link to original soundtrack:

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11 months ago

Help on literally anything and everything!

Hey guys! I was hoping to receive comments and feedback as much as possible regarding anything and everything about a few of my original compositions. If you don't have the time, you don't need to listen to all of them - just pick some that sound interesting to you and tell me your thoughts/ideas for potential improvements if you have time (of course, if you want to listen to/comment on all of them, I'd really love that :D ). Here are the pieces, as well as brief descriptions of each and their length. Hope you enjoy!

"Into the Midst of the Sea": My piece for concert wind ensemble. It brings to life different aspects of the ocean and the emotions we feel when we experience the sea (16 minutes): 

"Piano Sonata No. 1 in D": My first piano sonata, organized into 3 movements in the key of D (my favorite key), which has a rather unique sound for a piano piece and describes feelings of nostalgia, wistfulness, and joy as time goes on and change occurs (14 minutes):
"Spring Flowers": A piece for string quartet and piano which showcases the beauty of spring and the happiness of the season (5 minutes): 

"Returning Home": A piece for trumpet quartet that I uploaded to honor the anniversary of me starting to compose music a few years ago. It was inspired by Dvorak's "Going Home" chorale and was the first dedicated piece of music I ever composed (and still one of my favorites, because of how fun it is too play, as a trumpet player) (3.5 minutes): 

"Adventure": A piece for solo trumpet that I performed live this year at San Jose State University. It tells the story of how adventurous our lives can be, and should offer some challenge to trumpet players wanting to play it (4 minutes): 

"Max and Chloe": An arrangement for guitar ensemble of the main theme to the popular video game "Life is Strange" by DONTNOD Entertainment, which is a piece I've always loved (3.5 minutes): 

Thank you for taking the time to read this long message, and (hopefully), for listening to my music. It really means a lot to me, and I hope to hear back! Thanks!
-Ben Ledochowski

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a month ago

Please critique--piano solo.

These will be the second and third movements of a suite containing five or six movements. The first, fourth, and fifth have all been started but not completed.

I'm aware that the MIDI file could be improved. Didn't worry about the interpretation much as whoever performs it will take care of that... only notated the really essential and non-obvious things. 

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a month ago