Advertising my music

Here, you friendly composer non but the brabrabra is once again advertising some of his works, have a look if you like romantic of classical stuff.

Polka rondo, a piece witten in a holiday in hk, which is one of the happiest piece of music i had ever written, it have quite a lot of modulation, but sounds really rococo. The piece was dedicated to colorsofsound1.

Tuba impromptu, my representative work, the most view and my personal favorite piece if mine. Dedicated to a tubalist friendly of mine.

Nocturne no.3, one of my most lyrical and romantic piece, written for a farewell.

Minuet no.6, a short piece of dance.

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A new group has been created by me and Jay, and we need YOU to come participate in the contest! In this group, contests for the best score will be held. Winners of the contests will receive: likes on your score, a follow by both me and John, and an announcement of your score and username for a first place shout out!! So come join today!! Can't wait to see what you've got. Contests have already started, but the next competition will be held at the end of Feb. early March. Jay and I are so excited to see you there!
Kindest Regards, -John :D

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a month ago

Exuberant Skippers

This is the 1st movement of a larger work I'm making called the Chelidonian Dances. These will be a series of short songs, usually in the same key, that portray different aspects of Spring and nature. Positive and negative feedback will be greatly appreciated as this is a personal passion project and I would love to know any I can do to improve, as well as how to refine what I'm already doing good at.

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2 months ago